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    Development Update 04.10.2017

    does this finally mean the bg marks bug has been fixed/will be fixed?
  2. the people that complained about premade groups need to be corpse camped relentlessly also as OP said if you wanted to fix ranking, fix the bg marks not expiring
  3. change your name, its too similar to mine and somoene in my guild just asked if im the sperglord who made this shitpost.
  4. elysium team should just make a 1-70 tbc realm instead
  5. Ezek

    Mailing issue

    ok thank you
  6. Ezek

    Mailing issue

    I just sent about 20 mails involving items from one character to another when i logged onto the recipient of the mails i only had the last one that was mailed to them with item, the other 19 or so items are missing. please help sender: Azeira, Elysium reciver: Ezeke, Elysium
  7. I have every quest item with me in my bags right now, but the NPC still has a grey question mark above his head and i cant complete the quest