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    Noob Questions

    blizzard wont do anything to you if you dont do something provocative like talking on their forums that you play here or talking about it constantly on their retail game i wouldnt worry about that.
  2. randomnoob

    Gold Mail spammers wont stop.

    ignoring them does nothing i still get mails from them at least in the past i still got mails maybe it was a bug or i dont know what, ill try block him and if i still get mails from him im going to leave the game, its a minor problem but when its constant it gets annoying. the guy sends like 4-5 mails an hour he needs to be banned hes being abusing this thing for a long time i know every day that my mailbox will be spammed by mails mostly from Schoolaid
  3. randomnoob

    Gold Mail spammers wont stop.

    yes but now tickets take forever to get read because gm is always busy too many requests especially Schoolaid spams like crazy, all the server almost knows him by now the best way to report them seems the forums they are getting extremely annoying, i try to see if i have mail from AH and most time its just their stupid spam.
  4. their names are Loldlm and Schoolaid on Darrowshire server ,they have being spamming my mail box on all characters for more than a week now and they never banned? why dont you start banning obvious gold sellers and let this cancer go on?
  5. randomnoob

    Totally new to Vanilla

    all classes can play fine but some do better as a druid of any role you will still have innervate which is amazing in vanilla , you will still have support heals and thorns that are very useful for soloing and tanking and if you get improved thorns that means more passive damage and more threat for you or anyone else that is tanking also make sure to make a research which and what ranks of spells to use especially if you will play healer highest rank of healing touch is not always the best choice and regrowth is almost never used for healing instances because it burns too much mana but i saw videos that claim you can use regrowth if you ever get amazing gear
  6. randomnoob

    mail gold spammers

    its fine when u delete the first 50 after it gets annoying Acki no one should allowed to be a such a prick for any reason, why do people have to even bother wasting time deleting useless spam mails every time they log in?
  7. randomnoob

    mail gold spammers

    by the way is it ok or will it make a difference to start sending the names of the spammers in the forums? i get spam from the same characters several days now
  8. randomnoob

    mail gold spammers

    wish blocking them made it so you dont receive mails from them those people are extremely retarded they think by spamming on mailboxes that people will by gold from them they more likely drive people away from the game id say
  9. hi is there any way to prevent mail gold spammers from sending me mails all the time? they are getting annoying