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  1. Dracon

    A Great Step For Mutual Development

    Welcome aboard TideStone team!
  2. Dracon


    ...and dead again!
  3. Dracon


    Darrowshire is back online!
  4. Dracon

    Best places for iron/mithril nodes

    Searing Gorge has a decent amount of mithril veins veins. For iron I'm always going for Arathi Highlands and also some nodes near Thoradin's Wall in Hillsbrad Foothills (NV).
  5. Dracon


    Indeed. Let's just wait for some official announcement.
  6. Dracon

    Where i can found Silver Veins?

    Hello, There's another thread targeting silver veins also: I found Ashenvale to be the best place for farming silver. Give it a try. Won't share coords, you gotta work for them.
  7. Dracon

    România - subiect de discuție - Hoardă

    Eu unul m-am reapucat pe PvE - Ally. Acelasi nume si in joc.
  8. Hello, Ashenvale for everything; it's the best place to farm silver, it has also alot of copper and a decent amount of tin. Also, the best place to farm tin (even tho you don't really need that much of it, is in Jangolode Mine, Westfall. One run in there and you'll have a few good stacks of it.
  9. Dracon

    2h fury or Arms at level 40

    Fury 2H. Delete WoW. I'm a man of a few words.
  10. Dracon

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    That is something you should really take into consideration.