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  1. Recently hit level 60, and the XP-bar has been disappeared, and theres a piece of text saying something like "--- xp to next level" which i cannot move. Any tips?
  2. Hi guys I'm looking for an addon that - well - I can't find on my own. I've seen it in countless videos and UI-images, so I know it exists. It's basically an automatic timer-bar that shows the time between your auto-shots (and possibly spells?). If someone can point this addon out to me, I would be very thankful. Thanks in advance!
  3. DonKarlsen

    Hunter BiS

    The AQ20-gun should be on there as well. Pretty easy to obtain through AH. This is my own list: http://i.imgur.com/ENdg10C.png
  4. I think this is great, and you should do whatever the heck you want. The premise of this game is, that the most dedicated will outplay/outgear the less dedicated. If he's too bad to get away from you, it's his own fault. It's impossible to stalk and gank people who have just a little bit of brain.
  5. DonKarlsen

    What addon is this??

    Lookup pfui in the addon section. Comes close with almist no setup required
  6. DonKarlsen

    Cat not learning new skills...

    Hi guys. I've gone for a Moonstalker Runt (tamed at level 11). When tamed, it had Cower and Growl. It should be able to learn Bite/Claw and more (see this: http://web.archive.org/web/20070224130607/http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/html/mobs/mob_moonstalkerrunt.shtml) The trainer will not teach me these skills, and I'm not sure how to acquire them for my pet. Hopefully someone can explain how that works? Thanks in advance.
  7. DonKarlsen

    Elysium DDOS

    Nice try Hitler
  8. DonKarlsen

    Anathema class distribution?

    I actually did it a while back, but got an error message along with having trouble getting the client to work. A friend redirected me to a working client today, and although it said that my account was empty back then, it seems like it worked after all.
  9. Just found out my old level 45 priest was eligible from Nostalrius, so I transfered him. I was just wondering what the class-distribution looks like on Anathema (roughly). Anyone care to venture a guess? Which classes/roles are most over/underpopulated?