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  1. Lazias

    Un-nerf farms?

    True but alot of raiding guilds will get on you if you don't have all your consumables ready each week, for every raid. Some guilds are trying to break their best speed, others maybe just want to farm through it faster.
  2. Stay mad bro, tell your horde buddies to lay off our areas and we will lay off yours.
  3. Lazias

    Mage or rogue for vanilla pvp?

    Well if you plan on playing horde you should know that 50% of the horde playerbase is UD rogues and frost mages. We could probably use a few more mages and rogues alliance side, although it only seems like there are less because of how many there are on the horde. Alliance really needs warlocks right now and they are a very solid PvP class if played right. They play very uniquely from a mage but still give you the caster feel. Shadow priests are godly as well, dwarf for alliance is best because of fear ward. Anyway just my 2 cents.
  4. Hey Torn, I remember you from last night. As onslaught said, the best thing you can do is take screenshots to report players AFK or generally not doing anything. As for the perennial losers, there isn't much we can do, but try to play around their idiocy. As long as a few people are preventing cheap backdoor wins each game, the offense can organize and take out objectives needed to get to drek and win the game.
  5. Your last point is why the alliance is currently having trouble. During peak times the PUG AV scene on alliance is filled with rep grinders who only want their purple and dgaf about actually playing the game. Of course by the time the Aid station is capped there is really nothing left you can do since they can respawn faster than you can clear them and keep you off the flag. However the issue is the prevailing loser mentality of 'nobody defend all 40 rush and if we wipe kill galv and lose'.
  6. Lazias

    Cannot log in due to needing pin

    That is probably what happened, I had to reset my router last night because my internet connection was acting up. However I am not recieving a code on my phone when I try to login to the game or the account manager here on the website. I have a different phone now from when i enabled 2FA, however i still have the google authenticator app on it, but the authenticator doesnt seem to know my account for elysium. am I going to have to submit a 2fa reset request since I have a new phone? or is there any other way to get it to send me a pin so I can play? thank you EDIT- I have solved the issue. I was able to use the code from the email when I first enabled 2FA to get the authenticator to remember my account so I could get a code. feel free to lock/ ignore this topic further. once again thank you for the help!
  7. Good morning, Today I have tried logging into my account and found that i was being asked to provide a PIN number after entering my password and trying to log in. I have 2FA enabled so im not sure if this is a feature of that or not, but i cannot remember setting a pin at any point. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hey all, I just got 60 last night and see that I cannot get the quest for the Charger mount. Was the questline lmplemented in a later patch? DM is out now so I thought it would be available. Thanks in advance
  9. Lazias

    Special chicken feed

    I can place them on the BB auction house for you in a few hours if you wish. I will be in around 7-8pm PST, after I get home from work. I'll buy 5 and place them for 25g on the BB ah first thing after I log in. Please PM me to confirm you are interested. Regards, Lazias.
  10. Lazias

    Stone drop rate.

    I have noticed on Elysium that you will get roughly 40 stone per 100 ore of whatever you are mining. It makes BS and engi very difficult due to the amount of stone needed. Stone prices on the AH are very high because of this as well. Makes for good gold if you wanna farm because you can just sell everything, and iron nodes are everywhere and easy to farm, heavy stone sells for quite a bit. I do think it would be beneficial to increase the rate of stone dropped, as I do think it's a bit low from both retail vanilla and other projects, and seriously fucks with BS and Engi. Source- I'm 297 mining skill at level 53, and went armorsmith so was farming A LOT of mithril.
  11. Lazias

    Best way to farm gold as a pally?

    Yea seems like stupid drama to me. I'm planning on braving the BS and raiding ret so I can relate to that story.
  12. Lazias

    Best way to farm gold as a pally?

    Well that's the point of DKP right? You bid on what you need, and the highest bid gets the item. Doesn't matter what spec you are running. If a guild has a problem with it they can go loot council then people get mad because the loot council hooks up their buddies first.
  13. Lazias

    Best way to farm gold as a pally?

    Thanks! That sounds like a great plan. Do you vendor everything? Or stick greens on the ah?
  14. Im currently Leveling a Pally main on Elysium server. I'm not 60 yet, but when I am, what's the best way to farm gold? On my old pally main on nost, I was always broke at 60, so just curious what the best ways are to gold farm as a Pally.
  15. Lazias

    my story TLDR

    How was he able to always follow you around? I would have just hearthed and gone to another zone to do some other quests. I have a hard time believing he was able to show up wherever you went the exact moment you started killing mobs. You could have also just taken a fp to lose him. Not like he would know what destination you chose.