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  1. Pipi

    AV weekend

    The AV we have here on elysium is what Nostalrius has created. Elysium should take a look in there... Theres simply no one that takes a look at AV.
  2. Pipi

    Development Update 04.10.2017

    I know a mob that can be spawned infinitly, is that wrong ? Since 2 days i cant level anymore, this immense fun is holding me back from going back to leveling, seeing people walk by and die in an instant
  4. Pipi


    3 man cap, literally unplayable
  5. dont be so selfish and take him until he dies... or do you really want your ego to block the love with the dog ?
  6. Pipi


    Cya - dont let the door hit you on the way out.
  7. Your ideas on how to improve the project. The description for this section of this forum is general, you should be specific, thats why there are so many out-of-the-world suggestions. I dont know how to improve the description. Maybe write in the description what part of the project you are looking for improvements or what part you are not looking for improvements. If you want to write "Blizzlike" you have to specifiy that aswell into "Vanilla Blizzlike" and even there you should specifiy it into "Vanilla Blizzlike, patch 1.12.1". The more specific you are the more out-of-the-world suggestions you prevent from occuring. And maybe add "No custom changes" Since this section is under the category "General" i assume this section is for literally anything about this project. How about creating a few categories in here? It definitly would be of big improvement and a better overview for staff members and normal members to browse and put in their respective suggestion. Categories which i come up with, such as "Forum Suggestions", "Ingame Suggestions", "Other Suggestions". Maybe just remove the description... maybe people read the first topic to see what they can/cant suggest (BEFORE POSTING A SUGGESTION, READ ME!). People lack the info to know what is appropriate and what is not appropiate to post. I know from my feelings its possible to stop this, there is a place somewhere, where this info is missing, and if you put it there, you've got it. I think people are just beeing nice to your offer of looking for peoples ideas to improve the project. But somehwere you have to specifiy things... so people know "ah ok not that".
  8. Maybe thats simply a content for hardcore players then... meaning, its not meant for everyone... and that would mean people need to stop crying that they cant get everything they want... and if you get killed by a rank 14, you should feel honored that you got attention from a hardcore player. I think this is how it was in vanilla, when you looked back at the rank 14 guy who killed you and just become speechless. But then its also true that it is not fun facing premades all the time in Warsong gulch, you just got to leave it to the premades and go to AB or AV. But i still think its a problem with the amount of premades tho.... A solo player should not face premades that often... i myself quit because of to many premades on Nost
  9. I think whats wrong is premades keep pushing each others honor cap, which results in playing more, which results that pugs mostly face premades. Now, why do they push each others honor cap? Because both want the best standings. So people have to calm down and give others the rank first... or just play for fun, really. and with Fun i mean play as much as you want, people premade ONLY for ranking. I dont know, there seems to be problem with how people play here, i mean you can rank up by having fun in bgs until what, rank 10 ? Then you could go premading, but damn not 12 hours each day, maybe if you are rank 13 then i would guess ok... Premade people are very greedy and they need to get down from their high horses. Not trying to be mean, but... You dont need to farm 12+ hours for 7 days if you premades didnt push each other, if the most greedy premade wants it, THEN GIVE THEM, it will be over.. You are going to archieve rank 14 with standing 1 right ? You can get standing 1 with 300k honor and you can get standing 1 with 900k honor. Your decision.... its up to each single player.
  10. I hope this goes well with this topic. To me, this looks like a transitition of Elysium players into Crestfalls Top notch quality core which solves a lot of problems on many if not ALL aspects of this unofficial World of Warcraft servers community and i would love to see this happen. Always nice to see people beeing happy and problems beeing gone :)
  11. Pipi

    Ban him already...

    Ban him already...
  12. Pipi

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Is this the only reason why we could never loot corpses in AV in the entireity of Nostalrius and Anathema AV ?? I know you could not loot 2/3 of the corpses. Also incase anyone forgot, you could not entirely loot a corpse, for example some Flesh of a Commander/Lieutenant could not be looted.
  13. Yep i was looking for that person. ok