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  1. Ok i fixed my issue, it was an addon i was using, pfui. Turning off 'hunter auto paging' worked, not sure how it turned it self on, but hey its fixed. I'd delete this thread if i knew how thanks.
  2. It's only been happening today! Not sure whats going off, im a hunter, and every time i go into melee range, my action bar 'clears' as if i have no spells on there? If i move back, all my spells come back. :S Any suggestions? anyone else having this problem? Thanks!
  3. wade88

    Iffy Pet?

    A few things: Is the pet 'happy/sad' Icon bugged? When i tame my first pet, it starts off with the green happy face, i have no idea if it is truly happy or not. When questing in Durator, i jumped down a into a gully, to find my pet struggling to find me, and he just disappeared on me, now its saying i have no pet, i wasted tons of meat on the ungrateful git, is this normal? Thanks
  4. So i've been trying to reset my password for the past 3 days, its just not sending the code. I also want to start using the Two-Factor Authentication, but im not getting the mail for that neither, its not in my junk or inbox, Help!