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  1. Thanks for the responses, that has cleared it up nicely, works differently than I thought. Basically it increases the chance to resist a greater amount the more you get, and even at the cap there will always be a 1% chance of the full DMG amount going through. Good to know for Twin emps, important to have a bit of stam there for the rarer, but larger hits on the Warlocks.
  2. Hey, so I'm curious about the resistances and the numbers behind them for bosses requiring resistances such as Huhu or Warlock tanks on Twins. I can't seem to find much information out there for how resistances function in vanilla. From what I understand the cap for bosses is 315, 5 res per level. What does this cap indicate? Does it simply mean that a further increase in resistance has no additional effect? Is the DMG reduction from resistances linear as it increases? If I have say 50 shadow resistance, does this mean that every shadow spell will partially resist, and the DMG will be reduced by the equivalent amount of SR I have, and I assume it also increases the chance to fully resist? Is there a chance that a spell may not resist at all, or will everything at least partially resist? Those are basically the things I've been wondering about as I collect resistance gear for several bosses and aim toward the 'caps' people ask for. I know some questions sound basic and I'm sure the answers are as obvious as I think, still nice to know for sure. Would be nice to have an idea how it works before I aimlessly throw gear on myself toward a number I don't understand. Any further info apprechiated! The more the better! Thanks!
  3. What do you mean by locale?
  4. Hey, not sure if these have already been asked. My DPS mate does not show class colors and it splits melee DMG, for example Rogues, they show up twice on my DMG meter, one shows Sinister Strike/Eviscarate/Instant Poison/Blade Flurry the other duplicate of their name shows Auto Attack/Sword Spec/Hand of Justice. So if I want to see their DMG I need to add up the two sources to get their total. This also happens with warriors, is this main/off hand DMG being split? I have re-installed with the latest version and deleted the DPSMate.lua and DPSMate.lua.bak Any ideas?
  5. Again more figures your plucking out of thin air, on a server with 2500 active players only 150 want it? I will bet you all the money I have it's a lot more. You are talking about 1 thread which has been up for a few days, discounting all prior discussions there have been and other threads spread throughout all forums for the previous months, it's a lot more than 10-15 people on the forums alone. I don't understand your obsession with these false figures. To get an accurate figure it either takes a lot of research and time to build up some actual stats before then simply multiplying it out by the server capacity. Or an accurate unbaised poll. You can't just go "err well theres like 10-15 ppl here in a random thread up for a few days, wor kid on wikerpedia said multiply by 10". Anyway, I feel like my breath is wasted on you, when you get on to making some actual points for/against the cause and not inventing your own fake numbers because they simply push your point despite being incorrect then I'll continue to respond. As for now I'll leave you to your sick mathermatik skills you found on wikipedia until you find a voice and opinion of your own.
  6. Those who are content will involve themselves, what you are saying is utter garbage in this scenario. The 'logic' you are putting forth is for a scenario where the opinion of the one complaining does not affect those who are content. In this case by people wanting a merge it directly affects those who are content, those who don't want it can and oh they will argue otherwise, if they are happy with the current population then by no means will they want this to go ahead and they will make their opinion heard. Slapping things you've clearly googled once and don't understand onto a forum doesn't make you smart. Just makes you look silly when the numbers don't add up.
  7. Yea let's just pluck numbers out of thin air, that'll help. Using your logic we'll take the 5 or so people on this thread who are making posts and actually play on Anathema who are against it, we'll take your 100% accurate factor of 10 figure and what do you know, only 50 people are against it? Woa ... Oh and I'm sure you know but remember, that is NOT the majority of Anathemas population. Anyway, enough of that NASA standard of maths and back to logic. As people have said I'd be happy with a vote, provided they find a way to make it so that it's actually Ana/Darrow players voting and so that votes can't be spammed. So must have a char above a certain level on Ana/Darrow to vote for example. If the results are clear cut and people don't want the merge then we'll happily stop our moaning and go back to spamming world chat for hours at a time for groups instead of posting on the forums.
  8. Never seen such a heap of rubbish conjested into a single paragraph. You either don't play on Anathema, or if you do you play with your eyes wide shut in denial to the ongoing issues. There are indeed a lot of people who are in favour of it.
  9. As can be seen by most of these comments and talking to the majority of the communities on the realms, no, not many would stop playing, and a LOT would come back. More donatins, 2 less realms to pay for, profit?!?
  10. Just think of the money they could save by letting go of hosting 2 dead realms. Use that money to upgrade Elysium.
  11. Well we all know that if a merge were to happen it wouldnt happen tomorrow. A post made a few weeks ago outlined a good plan to speed up content release on Elysium to that of what the Blizzlike release was, and have the servers merged within say 6 months with minimal impact. I do realise the issues with allowing people to move early or transfering while at 2 different patches and wouldn't really expect that of them. However allowing Elysium to catch up is a very viable option, even if it does take 6+ months, at least if they told us now or soon that it were to happen there would be a light at the end of the tunnel for people. Right now it just feels pointless with any effort put into my character with dwindling numbers. Lets face it, people such as myself who've put a lot of time into gear/reputations etc don't want to re-roll and its not really a viable option, the ammount of time it would take to get a new 60 then back to the point im at now would be very time consuming and to be honest, very boring doing all of that again.
  12. Anathema to Elysium isn't delusional, lots of logic behind it, explain your point?
  13. To be fair, all you have to do is play on Anathema for a day to know that the majority would be in favour, it gets talked about in trade/general/world/guilds/raids etc all the time, people are fed up. I'm sure some people are opposed to it but the majority I'm fairly certain would be for it. I've heard of some lag/crashes on Elysium which may deter some, but to be quite frank, I'd rather have a constant higher MS, lag spikes and server downtime than sit in Ironforge for 5-6 hours at a time trying to get a group for anything. As for Darrowshire, I can't speak for them, never played on it.
  14. Absolutely detest leveling in Vanilla but love the end game, done it on Nost, lost my char because of the small x-fer window and did it again here, would take ages leveling again to 60 alongside real life. The server is on the way out regardless, something will have to be done sooner or later, so would rather put my opinion out there and hope Elysium listen to the community and fix it, or at least attempt to fix it.
  15. Hey everyone. I usually don't take my opinions or concerns to these forums much if at all, however recent weeks on Anathema have me close to quitting. I'm often seeing less than 1000 people online, and I'm happy if it reaches 2000, which is a far cry from the figures when I first started, or even from a few months ago. I play during the EU peak times mostly and from what I've heard the US peak time figures are worse. I know the Elysium Project have said they do not want to touch the Anathema community as it is the old Nostalrius, however if left untouched it will continue to dwindle and die. It's getting very boring sitting in a group for several hours while it forms for raids such as AQ20/ZG, especially when you have a strange work schedule where pugging is your only real option on days off as you cant commit to a guild. Or even just finding groups for 5 mans is a nightmare at the best of times. New players tend to lean toward Elysium, Anathema is at the AQ40 patch which some people may see as it being close to "the end", and would prefer Elysiums lesser progressed server. There is also the issue of population, it is no secret that Elysium has a much bigger population and Anathemas is now becoming an issue, which also deters players. There is the option of opening transfer TO Anathema, but again I doubt many people would want to come from the well-populated Elysium server to Anathema, you'd be lucky if a single person took the transfer. In my opinion the server has hit a point where it can only get worse, there are so few people that no one new wants to come here, regardless of the incentive, as for the current players they are getting frustrated and slowly quitting, the more that quit, the less want to join, the less that join, the more that will quit etc. I do realise that posts like this and comments such as "ded server" do not help, however I think we have passed the point of no return, Elysium is a no brainer for new and current players, regardless of these posts. So, what can be done? Like I said, new player incentives and x-fers from Elysium most likely won't work, or will only give a temporary population bump. The only real option is to merge or offer a transfer away for those who no longer wish to be aboard the sinking ship. Obviously all servers are at different progression levels, so a merge logistically would be challenging to say the least. One option would be to halt further raid release on Anathema until another server catches up then allow a merge, in the meantime players could opt to transfer off early, however with the loss of any gear not obtainable on the other server, the players could be given the equivalent piece of gear from the respective patch on the server they transfer to. Heck at this point, I'd transfer to Elysium even if you just flat out delete any gear not obtainable on that server. Basically I'm bored of waiting HOURS groups, world chat is mostly used for some light chatter nowadays opposed to the dungeon/raid group spam it once was, the server is going down no matter which way you look at it, it's time to face facts and take some action before too many people quit. I love Vanilla WoW and appreciate the work done by the Elysium team, but currently with the state of the server I dont think I can handle it much longer, and I doubt I'm alone. Pls Elysium, halp? Thanks