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  1. octav3k

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Wonderful guide for beginners! It helps so much to have all the info in 1 place. I do have a couple of notes for it, though: - Arcanum of Focus is only 8 spell damage, not 9. - Being SM/Ruin doesn't automatically mean you will be doing Curse of Agony. - DS/Ruin is definitely NOT a glass cannon (at least not more so than SM/Ruin), as you get +15% stamina over the SM build and a bigger Healthstone; and if you're farming, saccing a VW makes up for the lost regen of SL and then some.
  2. octav3k

    SM/ruin vs DS/ruin 16 debuffslots

    You missed the fact that an "instant" Shadow Bolt still takes 1.5 seconds away from your rotation because of the Global CoolDown. This means you won't gain 100% of one SB's damage, but only 1/2.5 = 40% of one when Nightfall procs.
  3. octav3k

    Spell damage coefficient for warlock spells?

    For instant-damage spells, the formula is: spell damage * base cast time / 3.5 seconds. For dots, the formula is: spell damage * dot duration / 18 seconds; this cannot exceed 100%.
  4. octav3k

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    The 1 indicates that you're wearing 1 of that item.
  5. octav3k

    Dear hordes (Elysium server)

    By that same theory, those who were abused as children should abuse their own kids. Because, you know, that's how things work - you do unto others the same that's been done unto you.