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  1. Hyperial

    Dishonorable Kill Bug

    You very well may not mind but I do. Again if it was of my own personal doing, fine I deserved it. I just know it's not the case here. The way I see it there's no point in me having to be stuck with it if I didn't cause it. It is in fact a bug. Please help.
  2. Hyperial

    Dishonorable Kill Bug

    No reply after 4 days, am I cursed? No one wants to take initiative on this I don't get it. It's such a simple thing. I'm not asking for something out of this world. Please just get rid of this thing, it's obviously not of my own doing, just please fix the Dishonorable Kill that I did not deserve. If you can't take my word on it why on earth would I kill a grey or group with people and be in range of such an Act if I know of it and how to avoid it?
  3. Hyperial

    Dishonorable Kill Bug

    I don't know, there's no way for me to tell... but to get a DK you need to be within range and I don't join raids for world pvp/bosses in zones that might contain low level horde NPCs and I didn't get it back when I was low level where people would do it while leveling.. so there's no other reason why I would have one. I'm hoping there's some sort of honor system where you guys can trust that a lvl 60 that avoid DK's for 6 months knows how to avoid them. I went all of retail avoiding this mechanic yet here with all my effort in avoiding certain zones while in raid went to the toilet over some unknown bug. Please help.
  4. Hyperial

    Dishonorable Kill Bug

    Never joined a raid anywhere remotely in the vicinity of a low lvl NPC to earn or be in range for a DK. I'm VERY familiar with how to get a DK and without any shadow of a doubt was never in threat of getting one. yet there it is. 1 out of 15k. GM's are scratching their heads on this told me to make a post.
  5. Hyperial

    Dishonorable Kill Bug

    I remember there was a bug about Dishonorable Kills in the beginning of the year and staff said to make a post somewhere if you were victim of it. Up until a few weeks ago I didn't notice that I was a victim of it. Where can I post to get this fixed?
  6. Hyperial

    My Buy List

    Battlechaser's Greaves PM me here or in game, same name. Thank you.
  7. 5/10 and 1/1 raiding guild in search of good people to take on the roles of class officers. Our raiding times are Sunday/Monday 5:30pm-8:30pm (PST) There are openings for the following class leader positions; Mage Holy/Disc Priest PM Hyperial in game.
  8. Please make a list of guilds...
  9. FYI the guild <BYO> pugged me in for a 5th to a MARA princess run and booted me soon as they got to Princess. Wasted half hour of my time. Don't let it happen to you. Namely: Shieldsup and his butt buddy accomplice Somerville. These turds should be on everyone's black list.
  10. LvL 48+ Need Healer/Tank/Lock/Mage. Send me a pm.