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  1. Is there any beside Chasme and Aguila that can make this scope? I'm willing to pay a fee of 100g. Send me a mail or pm ingame.
  2. orilt

    When do these items get updated?

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=13967 http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=13211 I expected these to be updated in elysium av patch, however with some items being incorrectly updated or not at all, which makes me unsure when it will happen. Can anybody confirm when they will receive a update?
  3. Let me correct myself... There is multiple mobs that drops too many items, i tried killing bugs from the other Places in silithus, and i got a bunch of other epics right away. https://ibb.co/kgRK0a
  4. I've allready put it on the bug tracker. But i see people are still abusing it. I was doing the southwind village quests and i noticed that the mob that spawns after killing the ghosts drops an insane amount of loot, multiple recipes and allways a guaranteed blue and epic item. https://ibb.co/cMvq6F I am shocked to see it havn't been fixed, i've spotted multiple brainhackers and elemental staffs and other highly valueable items in the ah which drops from this mob. This needs a fix as soon as possible, and possible a beating to those WHO have and are abusing it, i'm sure people have mega farmed them and put them on bank alts to allways have a epics to sell at the AH... This needs a fix as quickly as possible, and rly, have this been a thing since nostalrius release? 7 mobs=10 epics, as you can see in the bag top right. https://ibb.co/b69iRF
  5. orilt

    PvP Huntard?

    As people said earliere, it is a class easy to learn, hard to master. I see Hunters in pvp as a class that have a huge set of tools, freeze trap to zone ppl out of, mana drain, and some of the best short bursts ingame. Learning how to dps and viper stinging is ez. But when you start using every ability as your disposal it starts getting tricky, right from fd traps to scouting with eagle eye and learning how to use the map for the tracking. Spotting people with tracking in wsg, can allow you to kite them forever as a fc in the bases. Your obviously extremly vulnerable in melee and have few tricks to get out, grouping up with a paladin will give you every Tool to survive and perform your role in pvp.
  6. orilt

    hunter track hidden

    Detect hidden is supposed to reveal stealthed enemies you have detected, Means the tracking is useless. However it increases your stealth detection, which is amazing. It doesn't seem to be a strong here as it was in retail. Could need some more testing tho?
  7. orilt

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Havn't tested it, but seems to make sense? Needs some testing i guess. 2 Talents seems alot for a single purpose of a trap?
  8. orilt

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    Yes, i agree that in some scenarios you shouldn't use dots, especially against mages and other casters because they take more dmg against psysical dmg, so it's obvious that you want do get a frost trap on them. But against a class as rogue, warrior or shaman(especially if using a shield) it would be better to throw Down a immo trap for more straightup dps, the more time you have them trapped the more time he will have time to get back his intercept, or his mana reg to kick in, i'm obviously alliance but would you really bother trapping a holy pala and let him mana reg both through bow, or keep the pressur on him? Obviously, it's situational knowing when you should use either trap for more control or more dps is vital. I guess we have different views on how great the slow great is, sure they can move through it, but an additional 9 sec on top of 30 is not bad, you can easily force a fight at the entrance of wsg that last longer than 30 sec and force them to stay in the tunnel(or the majority). It's not just a "onetime" slow it's a huge area that "everyone" will be slowed if they step in it, it's a good variable to have an additional 9 sec on. It also allows for better zoning in other areas in wsg, but also in other bgs and World pvp. Either way lets wrap this up. Depending on if your a pve or mainly doing pvp you will at most have 20 points to throw in surv, based on if you skip hawk and imp mark or not. You will be going for surefooted because the resist on slow effects is great, so you will be stuck on choosing survivalist talent or cleaver traps, or entrapment and wingclip to 5point. But straightup i think entrapment and wingclip is unreliable same with imp conc, so it would be a choice between 4% hp or the better traps. As i said earliere it's a individual preference to what you want to use your surv talent points on, cleaver traps Works and i think it's great if you wanna use it, then do it.
  9. orilt

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    So wait, you are newer dotting up a warrior? What does ss do... 500 dmg at 60? And almost 1k from immo trap? I am well aware that dots break cc and scatter, but this will kill a target even faster. Also the slow trap is great for zoneing people, take a fight at the entrance/exits of wsg and you'll have the edge. Also, i'm fucking tired of people looking for the "best" pvp spec, the only talents that is a must in pvp as a hunter is Down to 20-21 in marksmen, rest of them is situational.
  10. orilt

    Clever Traps in PVP ?

    I don't really see how it is useless, an increase duration to the slow trap, and more damage to immolation trap which will make it do about 930 dmg with humanoid slaying. Immo trap is situational but it is more reliable dps than aimed if your a lureing players in them.