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  1. Aziz

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    However we are playing on a vanilla server, not on a TBC server.
  2. Aziz

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    I mean it's pretty ridiculous that all buffs and debuffs are cleared if it's dismissed normally, it essentially makes the "imp. mend pet" talent useless for example but nobody cares since it doesn't affect other classes. this script acted as a temporary solution to that issue although it brought some other improvements to the class. It's not like the class PvP balance changed particularly with this script.
  3. Aziz

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    As a Hunter I'm pretty sad this script is no longer possible to use. I admit it is somewhat stupid for PvP being able to have double beastial wrath and intimidation, or being able to dodge hibernates/polymorphs/fears with being able to instantly dismiss your pets. However I don't think it's broken nor stupid to being able to save ZG buff/Ony buff/Warchiefs Blessing for PvE purposes, I and many other hunters would no doubt greatly appreciate if those 3 buffs were able to be saved by dismissing your pet. Also paying my respects to all the raids that will inevitably wipe from a hunter not dismissing his pet doing the jump in Molten Core this week because his macro doesn't work.
  4. Fury warrior spot just opened up!
  5. Top NA PvE horde guild on Elysium
  6. Aziz

    Hunter Guide?

    Level up a hunter so you can get a feel for the class and then read Raziyas guide and you should be set.
  7. Aziz

    Hunter leveling BiS weapons

    Also if you're leveling an alt hunter or have a high level friend, attach a sniper scope to your ranged weapon for essentially non-stop grinding possibilities.
  8. Aziz

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Would it be a possibility to have some sort of dual specc, one you use in BGs and is auto switched to as you enter a BG and the other specc you use in the world. 50g respecc cap for both.
  9. Aziz

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Release the AV patch and your PvP scene is fixed. People don't enjoy PvPing in dungeon blues.
  10. Aziz

    Hunter BiS

    Ask the top Hunters on your server how much hit chance they run with, for sure not 9%
  11. Aziz

    Hunter BiS

    You don't really need more than 6% hit anyways
  12. Aziz

    Hunter BiS

    For elysium PvP I would go for Backwood helm Mark of Fordring Truestrike Shoulders Rank 13>Rank 8> Ogre forged hauberk Bracers of the Eclipse R14>Barbarous Blade R14>Blackcrow Devilsaur gloves & legs Warpwood binding Mongoose Boots Tarnished Elven Ring Painweaver's Band Royal Seal of EldreThalas Blackhands Breadth