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  1. I will agree with Nelythia on the Booty Bay, if he had been flagged it would have just disabled the quest givers longer and in turn caused more griefing
  2. People quit playing on darrowshire because of ERMAHGERD FRESH SERVER meme, and then horde players quit because of some cancerous individuals *cough* Vicarious *cough* that's why darrowshire is like it is. New players don't roll here because they want a newer experience like elysium can offer being so far behind and horde don't roll here because they're afraid of the population which isn't really that bad, it's more than playable if you make friends.
  3. We need this, if 2 of us want to grind exalted at the same time, it would take 140 days to accomplish it
  5. kcollins

    Darrowshire 1.8 Temporarily Delayed

    Is this going to delay AQ?
  6. kcollins

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    Plus, I don't want to play on a server with 10k people, I like my 1-2k proper population server
  7. kcollins

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    Um please no us on darrowshire enjoy not playing on a pvp server, or else we would have played on one of the 3 pvp servers :) so please leave us alone and not force us to play on one, the majority of us would just quit if we were put on a pvp server.
  8. kcollins

    Remove 2FA from my account

    He logged an ingame ticket. they said to get in touch with discord, who isn't helping