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  1. Surely, by now there is some sort of Update on the situation?
  2. "Have you been wandering the plains of Azeroth all alone? Desperately searching for a quality guild to join? Well suffer no more!" <Omicron Persei Eight> is seeking to bolster it's ranks with the Alliance's finest. You can expect our members to be Social, Helpful, and Active! We often aid each other in completing Quest objectives, and refining one another's Professions. The atmosphere is mellow, with a zero tolerance for trolls. Promoting individuals, Guild Notes are highly encouraged! Communicating IRL with our own Discord server. - CURRENTLY - "Leveling The Majority Of Our Members" - ACTIVELY - "Dungeons & World PvP" - GOALS - "Gearing Our Active Members" (GUILD MASTER) Pwnadin "Lrrr" (2ND IN COMMAND) Ericcarttman "Jrrr" (OFFICERS) Frawsty "Space Invader" \ Zekay "Space Invader" \ Cornitha "Space Invader" \ Auriella "Space Invader" \ Nizi "Space Invader"
  3. ^ False. "The "private" servers are violating copyright and other laws dealing with intelletual property. They are "pirate" sites and anyone using them is technically an "accessory" to that piracy." kys.
  4. ^ Now you sound dumb.
  5. ^ What happen I thought you weren't posting any more? We are here to talk about the Server. ;D
  6. ^ Ahahah, aren't you Scary!? "who cares if its illegal" Boy go back read my earlier posts! You got damned fools out here asking for Direct Donate Links, and Donation Counters on the Hompage! Lmao!
  7. ^ Because its illegal, Dumb-Dum..
  8. ^ Preach! Right, Lol Im dying laughing! All these people trying to cause some mass Hysteria about the Server and it's Hosts! ...They sound like they were in that Guild. xD
  9. ^ Lmao who gives af if what he said was "Racist" no one cares about that goofy shit. We are here to play World Of Warcraft! & It don't matter where they are in the World. They can get shut down for taking Donations.
  10. ^ You don't make a god damn Dime's worth of fucking sense.
  11. ^ It's illegal, period. You sound stupid. Everything your claiming to ask for, would put the Server in hot water.
  12. Wake up! Private Servers are illegal folks. Your asking for them to post a Direct Donate Link, and fucking Dollar Count on their Homepage is like begging for Blizzard 2 come shut this place down. They aren't even suppose to be taking Donations.
  13. Hahaha! So your using multiple theoretical situations to justify your one point, that its the Server & Server Hosts fault. "I will not post again. Hope servers will be up again soon." ^ bye Goofy!
  14. Haha ^ this xD "Eitherway if you believe me or not; it's elysiums fault." Do the people hosting this Server have some sort of magical foresight!? "They trusted they donations and didn't consider someone could charge back their donation. Hence they didn't checked if their payment was backed up with money..." ^ my gut hurts. Lmao. How could they have checked these guy's banks 2 see if they really had the money? They did donate real money. They just pulled out of it, an took their money back. (Again, how would the Server hosts have the foresight to know that specific Guild was going to pooch them..) "You can make excuses, but this is how it is. Sad. But well, dicks are everywhere, you have to expect them." <<< Ur One Of Them!! Ahah!
  15. Wow, ahaha wouldn't want to be in those guy's Guild! Rip!