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  1. Hey Admins :) I've gotten in a bit spicy situation here. The problem is i've been running on my iPhone net the past 2 months and i recently got new internet so i wanted to change it but ended up in a situation where i can't change it now because of the IP LOCK (using 2step IP authentication). What has occurred now is that, i've removed my account from Duo Mobile because i couldn't (tried 100 times) login with the new internet that i had (kept saying wrong password when i wrote the pin that was on my mobile) so i figured i'd try to delete the account on my mobile and add it again. So what then happened was that i realized i couldn't add it again since i dont have the activation code link anymore? (why isen't that sent to me in a email btw) and i can't remove the IP lock because it requires the goddamm activation lock key. So here i am, i can't change my internet and stuck on my iPhone. Is there anything you can do to help with this issue? Ingame name is Tiltedx Appreciate it :)