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  1. General Blackwing Lair has been released on Elysium along with a fix to the herb respawn rates. Elemental Invasions should now be working correctly on Darrowshire. Anathema has received a number of 1.10 itemisation fixes. Raids & Dungeons Stratholme: Plague Ghouls have had their walking speed corrected. Stratholme: Players should no longer appear to be alive even after dying during Baroness Anastari's mind control. BRD: The Commander Gor'shak event will now correctly give credit to all group members on completion or failure. UBRS: Players clicking the altar during the Pyroguard Emberseer event will now use the correct animation. MC: Lucifron should no longer use his abilities too quickly when re-engaging after a wipe. AV: Ivus and Lokholar have received loot corrections and will now drop Frost Runed Headdress and Cold Forged Blade. RFD: Minor improvements to the escort event. ZF: Zombies will no longer continually respawn. AQ40: Twin Emp's 'Blizzard' will now target a random player rather than the player at the bottom of the threat list. AQ40: Anubisath Warriors are no longer immune to crowd control. AQ40: Fixed an issue with the Viscidus glob speed that was introduced with patch 1.10. AQ40: Anubisath Defenders have had their respawn timers corrected. AQ40: Anubisath Warders will now randomise their abilities correctly. AQ20: Destroying Buru's eggs should now deal damage to players in close proximity and spawn a hatchling. AQ20: The Rajaxx encounter has had all known issues fixed. AQ20: Fixed several issues with Ossirian's crystals not behaving as they should. Uldaman: Fixed an issue where the doors could become permanently closed after a server crash. Uldaman: Stone Stewards have had their patrol waypoints fixed. Classes & Abilities A number of auras that gave the player additional skill points (e.g. Cultivation) should no longer require the player to relog to work correctly. Resists will no longer consume Shadow Vulnerability. Players assisting with Ritual of Doom and Ritual of Summoning now animate correctly. Additionally, both spells require all assisting players to be channeling at the same time for the spell to succeed. When herb gathering, lockpicking or mining fail, they will now do so at the end of the cast, rather than the beginning. Shield Bash will no longer trigger weapon procs. Bloodthirst, Sunder Armor and Execute are now able to trigger chance on hit procs. Regrowth and Ferocious Bite coefficients have been updated (full details here). Fixed a bug that caused skinning loot loss when standing too far away from the mob. Fixed a bug that could cause Shadowform to become stuck if the player attempted to use the ability before the global cooldown from the previous use had not elapsed. Starshards is now consistent with patch 1.12. Fixed an issue causing ticks of channeled and area aura spells to be lost. Mind Control will now break when the caster begins casting another spell. Mind Control will now generate threat for the caster, both on possession and loss of possession. Mind Control will no longer trigger any form of AI. Hunter's Mark now only displays the target on the minimap of the hunter. Improved Charge pathing. Items Gnomish Cloaking Device's cloaking effect should no longer be removed by spells that trigger other spells (e.g. mounting). The Prairie Dog Whistle pet should now follow the player rather than being rooted to the spot. Badge of the Swarmguard has received a proc rate buff (15 PPM). The Cannonball Runner pet should now behave as intended. Net-o-Matic no longer consumes arrows. Expose Weakness (hunter tier 2 set bonus) no longer consumes arrows. Warlock and hunter tier set bonuses will no longer cause repeated "you are dead" messages when dead. Manaweave Robe and Beheading Blade have received item level corrections. Plans: Dawnbringer Shoulders should now function as intended. Pet Bombling is now a non-combat pet. Timbermaw Defender and Arcanite Dragonling have had their scripting improved. Environment Every hour, players will now be able to hear bells toll in Stormwind, Ironforge, Teldrassil, Darnassus, Undercity and Orgrimmar. Players will now be able to hear the Darkmoon Faire music when entering the faire. Previously missing NPC, Nazgrel, has been reintroduced to the world. Previously missing fireworks vendor, Fizzlebang Booms, has been added to Tinker Town. Added missing effects and tweaked timings for battleground flags when captured. Added additional gossip to a number of NPCs (weapon masters, guards, etc). Corrected gossip text on some class trainers. An invisible wall has been added to the Alliance fence in Warsong Gulch to prevent certain models from being able to walk through it. Corrected object spawns inside Champions' Hall and Hall of Legends. A number of innkeepers have received corrections to their gossip menus. Fixed a bug that was causing Gelkis Earthcallers to have multiple minions. Salma Saldean, Vorsha the Lasher and Thanan have returned from elocution classes (corrected gossip errors). Fixed an issue where some minions of friendly faction NPCs were appearing as hostile. Brother Sarno will now greet players as they enter Stormwind Cathedral. A number of NPCs should now perform emotes when conversing with them. Fixed a number of issues with the Hallow's End and Children's Week events. Spectral mobs have had their immunities updated. Kor'kron Elite and Deathguard Elite are no longer marked as elites. Added previously missing reactions to a several NPCs when players use emotes on them. Master Wood does not take kindly to disrespect. Huntsman Markhor should now act as a stable. The Stitches event has been greatly improved with various timing fixes, previously missing RP and pathing corrections. Gravemoss spawns have been updated. Hostile mobs will now attack passive escort NPCs. Flight masters will no longer display a gossip menu upon learning their flight path and will display an exclamation mark when offering quests. Yeh'kinya will now offer players Yeh'kinya's Scroll if they have completed the quest 'The God Hakkar'. NPCs should now always return to their spawn points upon evading and any summoned totems will be despawned. Removed duplicate Treant Ally spawns. Fixed an issue with neutral NPC minions attacking players. Pilot Xiggs will now despawn after five minutes rather than several hours, to prevent spawns stacking up. Grimtotem Naturalists should now attack players when shapeshifted. Fixed an issue where ranged mobs would attack twice on pull. Misc Improved the group system to fix issues when attempting to swap players within a raid/battleground group. An occasional bug where players appeared to be within the same raid group twice should be fixed. A bug that allowed the raid to to hold too many players has been fixed. Players will now always stand upon receiving damage. Stunning a player that is attempting to loot/gather will now interrupt the looting/gathering. Fixed an issue where items were incorrectly being displayed as usable after relogging quickly. Otho Moji'ko will no longer appear to be offering unobtainable quests. When logging out, players sitting on chairs will remain seated. Fixed an issue with NPC dialogue where the dialogue is intended to include the name of the NPC's current target. Fixed a transport (boat/zeppelin/tram) issue where the transports could desynchronise, potentially causing disconnects or preventing the player from boarding. Quests Fixed an issue where quests were displaying as incomplete after moving quest items from bank to inventory through dragging rather than right-clicking. 'Plagued Lands' has had its scripting improved. Fixed a bug that caused some quest starting items to be deleted after abandoning the quest. Fixed an issue where yeti spawns would stack up for players attempting 'Rescue OOX-22/FE!' Fixed an issue where owlbeast spawns would stack up for players attempting 'Rescue OOX-09/HL!' Fixed a large number of various quest issues (The Prodigal Lich Returns, Report to Orgnil, Proving Allegiance, Nugget Slugs, The Tower of Althalaxx, The Absent Minded Prospector, Samophlange, Altered Beings, Rite of Vision, A New Plague, Fields of Grief, A Lost Master, Escape Through Force, Escape Through Stealth, Fruit of the Sea, Bride of the Embalmer, Delivery to Andron Gant, Onu is Meditating, The World At Your Feet, The Mithril Kid, Cenarius' Legacy, A Donation of Runecloth, Fool's Stout, The Stone Circle, Chapter III of The Green Hills of Stranglethorn, Collecting Kelp, The Escape, Galen's Escape, Deaths in the Family, Hallowed Scroll, Glyphic Scroll, Encrypted Scroll, Your Place In The World, Minshina's Skull, Find the Gems, In Search of Thaelrid, A Humble Task, The Legend of Stalvan, Etched Note). As always, we'd like to acknowledge and thank the numerous contributors to the project's open source repository for their valued contributions.
  2. Items Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon should now proc correctly Gouge cooldown reduction provided by the PvP set should now apply even when the player has Improved Gouge Gnomish Cloaking Device's invisibility now breaks at the end of a cast rather than the start Arcanite Dragonling should now work correctly Fixed an issue with some lockboxes not unlocking in the trade window Vanquished Tentacle now does the correct amount of damage Timbermaw Ancestor should now work correctly Raids & Dungeons Fixed an issue where the disciple in the final Wailing Caverns encounter would evade Fixed an issue with Mutanus of Wailing Caverns would despawn too quickly after being defeated When Naralex of Wailing Caverns is awakened, all hostile mobs in the dungeon should despawn Naralex should now correctly exit Wailing Caverns after completion Fixed an issue with packs in the final area of Wailing Caverns not aggroing correctly The Wailing Caverns escort should be more reliable The cannon in Stratholme should no longer kill the user Improved Myrmidon spawning during the Herod encounter Core Ragers (Golemagg) now have a threat table Onyxia's Deep Breath probability has been adjusted from 33.3% (repeating, of course) to 30% Fixed several issues with Alterac Valley, including Winterax troll respawning erroneously at Snowfall Graveyard Ouro should now correctly Sand Blast ranged targets as originally intended It should no longer be possible to kill Viscidus during the glob phase. However, we are aware of an interaction issue with certain spells causing deaths before a final shatter. C'Thun's tentacle spawns are now immune to blind (added in a previous update) Qiraji Mindslayers are now immune to taunt (added in a previous update) Fixed an issue where Spirit Healers were not automatically resurrecting players that had been forcefully released by having their insignia removed Classes & Abilities Fixed an issue with Succubus getting stuck casting Seduce in some situations Fixed an issue with the Mind Control channel bar not being removed if the channel was interrupted Certain healing spells such as Lay On Hands are now affected by healing modifiers (e.g. Mortal Strike) Improvements have been made to the reliability of Charge Fixed an issue where spell power was not scaling correctly with some trinkets Warlocks, mages, priests and druids can no longer parry special/yellow attacks Druid shapeshifting scaling should now function correctly in all forms Multiple ranks of Shadow Vulnerability no longer stack Seal of Righteousness is no longer subject to partial resists One and two-hand weapon specialization talents will now correctly boost Seal of Righteousness damage Spells can no longer be cast while seated All ranks of the druid ability, Rip, now count as a bleed effect Knockback effects (e.g. Ground Rupture) are now binary resists Fixed some cases of charm auras not being removed correctly Spell coefficients for the following abilities have been corrected: Healing Touch, Wrath, Frostbolt, Lightning Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Healing Wave, Mana Shield, Mana Burn, Entangling Roots, Hurricane, Insect Swarm, Regrowth, Tranquility, Arcane Missiles, Blast Wave, Cone of Cold, Flamestrike, Pyroblast, Holy Nova, Healing Stream, Magma Totem, Searing Totem, Hellfire, Immolate, Arcane Shot, Volley, Serpent Sting and Mend Pet Magic Absorption should now function correctly Swiftmend and Regrowth should now interact correctly (Regrowth was previously missing a tick) When players assist with Ritual of Summoning, they will now animate correctly Players should no longer get stuck on flight paths when being summoned Rank 1 & 2 of Earth's Grasp should increase the radius of Earthbind Totem by the correct amount Eye for an Eye can now proc Vengeance Totems and Flash of Light can now proc spells (e.g. Blue Dragon & Zandalarian Hero Charm) Further fixes have been made to Ignite's damage (increased) Various fixes have been made to Health Funnel Blind will no longer consume ammo or grant players ranged weapon skill Fixed various issues with spell charges being incorrectly consumed when hitting multiple targets. This fixes issues with Chain Lightning's interaction with Clear Casting, Chain Lightning/Chain Heal/Healing Wave T1 bonus consuming multiple charges of Zandalarian's Hero Charm, Whirlwind's interaction with Sweeping Strikes and various other interactions. Sweeping Strikes can now hit targets from 8 yards rather than 5 yards when used in conjunction with Whirlwind Mind Soothe and Soothe Animal can now be resisted Environment Mechanics Certain types of creature (e.g. various crabs) would incorrectly evade if a player entered water. These mobs should now enter water to chase players Mounted NPCs will now dismount when entering combat with players Fixed an issue with raid markers being removed Immunities for various types of skeleton have been updated Dragonmaw Bonewarder now has its correct abilities Direct and indirect AoE damage from non-PvP flagged players will no longer damage flagged players and will not flag the caster Right-clicking flagged players outside of melee range will no longer flag the player Attacking or healing PvP flagged NPCs will now flag the player Flying through contested areas will no longer flag the player for PvP PvP quests will now flag the player Players will no longer be flagged for PvP when dueling PvP flagged players Pets that attack PvP flagged players will now PvP flag their owners Brumeran in Winterspring should now path correctly rather than staying at one location Added Portal Seeker spawns to Blasted Lands Fixed an issue where NPCs were not returning to their home/spawn locations after being mind controlled/kited by players A number of duplicate spawns have been cleaned up Fixed an issue where some NPCs were not displaying their civilian status Fixed a minor issue with guard directions in Darnassus and Thunderbluff Repositioned a Gromsblood spawn near the Dark Portal to allow players to loot it Stones of Binding now respawn in five minutes to match the respawn time of the servants Gubber Blump now offers players the option to learn fishing, free of charge, if the player has the quest 'The Family and the Fishing Pole' Twilight Avengers now have their correct spells Quests It is now possible to complete 'Pyrewood Ambush' Watcher Callahan no longer offers the Children's Week quest, 'Warden of the Alliance' It is now possible to accept 'A Hero's Reward' Corporal Splithoof can now be summoned when speaking with Fallen Hero 'Grimtotem Spying' now requires notes to be looted from multiple chests, rather than a single chest dropping all required notes 'A Lost Master' now requires players to complete 'How Big A Threat' first. Added additional dialogue/scripting when players complete 'How Big A Threat' Added additional dialogue/scripting when players begin 'Cave Mushrooms' Quests from Vargus in Cenarion Hold are now repeatable Imperial Qiraji Regalia/Armaments are now repeatable The druid quest, 'Lessons Anew' is now available Haleh from the Onyxia attunement chain will punt players off the mountain at the end of the quest Woodland Protector has had its quest text fixed The 'Striker's Pauldrons' quest is now available Corrected an issue with the notes gathered for the 'Jordan's Weapon Notes' quest Fixed an issue with 'Defusing the Threat' awarding Alliance players Orgrimmar and Frostwolf reputation Misc Fixed an issue where players were incorrectly seeing ghosts of other players. I see dead players. Raid reset times are now displayed in the 'Raid Info' panel Improvements have been made to the raid ID saving/loading system Honor marks/tokens should now be deleted after 24 hours. Some players have remarked that the correct timer is 72 hours - any evidence of this during vanilla (not TBC) is welcomed Several core crashes have been addressed Darrowshire ZG enchants are once again available and all quest NPCs are now on Yojamba Isle Anathema The upgraded PvP items from 1.11 have been added to the vendors. The Warsong Gulch exalted legs will be added later today. We'd once again like to acknowledge and thank all of the contributors to the project's open source repository for their continued work.
  3. Staden


    What do you consider to be wrong with Ouro?
  4. The raids will be available when the first player rings the gong. The instances weren't locked until the end of the event back in 2006.
  5. A final decision has been made. In an effort to be as fair as possible to guilds in various time zones, the window for obtaining the mount will be extended from 10 hours to 16 and the cap on the number of mounts has been removed, meaning we'll likely see 2-3 more mounts than originally announced. The event itself will not be delayed and the gates will open as soon as the first player to complete the chain rings the gong. We'd encourage any players wishing to experience the opening of the gates to try to be available during Wednesday afternoon, server time. We'll mention it again in tomorrow's announcement. Thank you.
  6. As stated in the post, the delay is around 5-6 hours, not several days.
  7. Greetings Anathema, We'd like to clarify the intentions and wording of the previous post regarding the Ahn'Qiraj opening. The aim was two-fold: Delay the opening event to allow for a greater number of players to participate in the event and to witness the one-time opening of the gates. To remove the raid reset bias for any particular timezone by removing the six guild limit for the mount reward by allowing anybody that finished the chain within the ten hour window to receive the mount. To make it clear: given that a number of guilds (> 6) have managed to complete the grind before the raid IDs reset on Wednesday at roughly 11am ST (11am GMT+1, 2am PST, 5am EST, 6pm CST), the existing plan potentially locks a number of guilds out of receiving the mount due to inherent bias in raid reset times that's going to occur when you have guilds raiding in different time zones. The raid reset time is a consideration as a final BWL clear is required before the scepter chain can be completed. The proposed delay for the opening event would be roughly 5-6 hours to allow for the server to hit peak hours. With our intentions clarified, we'd like to ask you to cast your vote in the above poll. Your feedback is also welcomed. Sincerely, Elysium Staff Edit: To answer a question asked in Discord, the instances will be available during the opening event.
  8. Staden

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    That change had to be reverted for further testing, sorry.
  9. Staden

    Garr's Massive Explosion

    http://worldofwarcraft.livejournal.com/6454495.html It's possible that the emote was added later but I'll get back to you on that. As others have said though, the fight is perfectly doable in its current state, even without using banish and just having a single tank hold them all while Garr is killed. There's a vanilla video somewhere on YouTube showing a bugged fight where Garr can't kill a mage after the rest of the raid wipes. Over the course of ~5m, he explodes all of his adds. Tricky to relocate it though. Edit: Vanilla video showing the eruption on adds that are at full health, as well as the emote. Not the one I mentioned above but it's a start. As for the spell itself, the ID places it in the same range as the rest of Garr's spell, indicating that it almost certainly belongs to him. When they reintroduced Garr as a Hyjal world boss in Cataclysm, they gave him the same ability (tweaked for higher levels). If we take the wiki you linked and go back in time, we find this: Edit edit: Interestingly, he continues to attempt to cast the spell even when there are no more adds remaining.
  10. Staden

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    The content I linked is taken from the same wiki that you used as supporting evidence. I've looked at that thread and it seems that Slicy has already shown the ability to be correct, although I'll take a closer look later. I'll post in that thread rather than this one. As for the wiki edits, yes, anybody can edit the wiki. However, the old content cannot be edited in the same way and it quite clearly mentions the ability.
  11. Staden

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Better keep the first binding in your main bag as a luck charm.
  12. Staden

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    Massive Eruption is indeed an ability that belonged to Garr and in fact, the Hyjal version of the fight included this ability. Our understanding is that the mechanics of the fight were changed after patch 1.7. You should find the mechanic being mentioned if you go far enough back or see it in action in older videos. If you find any evidence to the contrary, we're always happy to review it and make any needed changes.
  13. With the War Effort now complete, the next stage in the unlocking of Ahn'Qiraj begins. Visiting Baristolth of the Shifting Sands in Cenarion Hold will offer players a new chain of quests, eventually leading to the construction of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands and with it, the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. As mentioned in an earlier update, the legendary mount will only be available to six players, with further time restrictions. For full details, please read the linked post. To make sure this process is as fair as we can make it, we'd like to remind guilds opting to complete the chain that the gamemasters will be proactively monitoring for any signs of foul play, including botting and account sharing. Best of luck and happy farming to everybody participating in the completion of the scepter! See you in a couple of weeks.
  14. Staden

    Development Update 19.04.2017

    That's a quest from patch 1.11, not 1.9.
  15. General The disconnections caused by having multiple crowd control effects active at same time (e.g. fear and stun) should be fixed. We will continue to monitor the situation for any sign of further issues. Improved health/mana/energy regeneration timings. This should fix an issue where mages were not receiving enough regeneration ticks from Evocation and should improve the accuracy of energy timers for rogues (e.g. EnergyWatch). Fixed an issue where the auction house was not returning all matching results. Players should now be dismounted when entering Booty Bay and when boarding a boat/zeppelin. Clients using non-English clients can now participate in the default channels (e.g. general and trade). This does not signal a change in policy regarding default channels being English only. When a player uses a soulstone in a battleground, the insignia cursor should not be displayed when hovering your mouse over them. The insignia cursor should no longer be displayed if a player's insignia has already been taken. NPCs should no longer flee from active conversations. You can no longer pull pets with guns without also pulling their masters. Fixed an issue with Warchief's Blessing event timers not resetting correctly. Items Shield Spikes and Elemental Sharpening Stones are no longer removed by death. Fixed rare occasions where potion regeneration mechanics were resulting in zero HP ticks, caused by rounding down. Fixed issues with consumable cooldowns, allowing Whipper Root Tuber and health potions to be used together. Cat Carrier (White Kitten) is now a limited supply item (one per three hours). Raids & Dungeons Players killed by NPCs in Alterac Valley can now have their insignias removed. The final Deadmines door should no longer get stuck in a closed state if a rogue attempts to pick it while a player fires the cannon using the blasting powder. Bosses can now detect invisible players (e.g. using an invisibility potion). Lucifron should once again cast Impending Doom. Uldaman has received various improvements that can be viewed in full at https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/221. Zone-based monster yells (such as from Azuregos) will now also play any associated audio. Garr's adds can no longer resist Massive Eruption. Classes & Abilities Fixed some issues with shapeshifting items (e.g. Noggenfogger Elixir) being used in conjunction with druid shapeshifting forms. Fixed misc. visual issues with pets having incorrect PvP flags. Improvements to dispel mechanics, including Azuregos' magic reflect shield. Polymorphed creatures will only regenerate 10% of their health per tick rather than a third. Fixed an issue where feral druids were being given incorrect damage boosts from weapons with multiple damage types. Ancient Mana Spring totem should now use the correct spell. Hellfire will no longer ignore immunities. Resists no longer remove Shadow Vulnerability charges. Persistent area auras (Blizzard/RoF/Volley/etc) are no longer affected by the debuff limit. Quests Fixed an issue where if a player placed a quest item in a bank, further items of that type would not drop. Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to accept some repeatable quests (e.g. Chen's Empty Keg). Elemental Charms dropped by Elemental Exiles in Arathi Highlands now work. Corpses should despawn when their associated quest items are used on them. The Naga Brazier for the Vosrsha the Lasher quest now functions correctly. Misc Some creatures incorrectly had gnoll aggro messages assigned to them. Environmental fire damage can now be absorbed or resisted. Stormwind City Patrols should now walk at the correct speed. A number of incorrect guard directions have been updated. Mottled Screecher's emote has been fixed. The Touch of Zanzil debuff will be applied when a player opens the chest associated with the Klaven's Tower quest. We'd once again like to acknowledge and thank all of the contributors to the project's open source repository for their work.