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    Hi I have noticed NPC called Deliana (she starts quest Supertanutral Device) that is supposed to be in King's room in Ironforge is missing in Anathema. Any reason why is that so? Strydaer
  2. Harlequin1907

    learning new pet skills

    Actualy I have growl :/ Anyway thnx for info and I admitt I feel noob atm. Gonna slap my self lol. Hope this will do. Delete thread.
  3. Harlequin1907

    learning new pet skills

    Hi Strydaer here( lvl 60 NE hunter) from Anathema, can some1 give some advice/explanation on how to teach my pet new level skill. I have tamed Bangalash long ago which comes with lvl 6 Claw and I wanted him to get lvl 8 Clow for which I have tamed Winterspring Screecher. Then I went using Wint. Scr. for a while (less than 2 min) till I saw writing on my screen (with yellow letters) saying I have learned new skill lvl 8 Claw. I have disbanded Wint. Scr. and went to stable master to get my Bangalash but it still has Claw lvl 6 in his spellbook. On a note I have used Bangalash after in combat too. How to get this working properly? Do I have to do something differently or this does not work on Anathema server? Any advice is apriciated. Thnx