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    Simone the seductress

    I believe simone the seductrress/inconspicious is not spawning or pathing correctly. I've been looking for around two hours following every video i can find that shows her pathing and i still cannot find her. unless her respawn timer is longer than 2 hours, i believe her to be bugged. Please help. Darrowshire realm. Thanks for reading.
  2. poot

    Cant find simone for Rhok'delar quest

    ya i saw that but i've been looking for almost 2 hours. and every other video i've where they show the map it doesnt show her pathing at the top oval.
  3. can anyone show me a pic of her patrol path. i've been looking for awhile now and still cant find her. thanks
  4. poot

    up to x damage and healing

    ok cool thanks man.
  5. poot

    up to x damage and healing

    ok cool becuase i was wonder if i should get the cape from dm west for now becuase i dont have the money for a frozen wrath
  6. poot

    up to x damage and healing

    was wondering how the "up do x damage and healing" stat works with items. Say it's up to 18 dmg and healing. Does it add between 1 and 18 or 18?