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  1. The high court (GM) have ruled and we now have a precedent. The rule only apply on world bosses.
  2. This is aparently not true except for world-bosses (even if the rules seem to say so): But it's pretty confusing. The rules clearly say "Organized cross-faction collaboration" is considered griefing but it seems it's only considered griefing when it comes to world-bosses.
  3. Wrathran

    nice rollback

    Because the server is a computer with software connected to the internet and have no budget. You have to adjust your expectations to reality and be happy that we can log-in and play the game. Maybe tomorrow it's gone forever.
  4. Still clearly against the rules: Open in-game ticket and report them. Also post any links to screenshots or videos in the ticket.
  5. Wrathran


    If the leader changes the loot system from Group Loot to Master loot without informing the group and then steals an item that's scamming and not ninja in my opinion and that is against the rules:
  6. Wrathran

    Streva - Player Griefing

    First of all. Posting in-game community warning in chat about ninjas etc is not against TOS. But open a in-game ticket if you are getting harassed, a GM always have the final say. Click the "?" question mark, then report stuck, write your comment and add screenshot links so that a GM can look at it. If I understand correct, you did a DM:N run (try and use that enter-key now and then dude). Tarnished Elven Ring dropped, you and TANK rolled, TANK won the roll, you ignored the roll and took the ring anyway. You write a lot of crap about feelings, I don't care. Stop talking about who said what and who insulted who. No one cares about your feelings about rude people. I do however care about this: Why would a tank roll on that ring when a hunter need it? Unless the group had an agreement that players could roll for offspec over mainspec. I have not seen any evidence/screenshot or even claim that show that this group had any items reserved or that OS could roll on gear over MS. And the default need/greed system is always MS > OS. If a tank need dps gear, they can only take it if no MS need it and vice versa. They also accuse you of ninja Counterattack Lodestone, but I can't see any evidence of this anywhere. Did you ninja Counterattack Lodestone? If they want to accuse you of being a ninja and make 2 forum posts + reddit post and in-game spam they should have solid evidence for their claims. These people then make ninja warnings on the forum (this is against forum rules) and in-game chat. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/45023-elysium-pvp-ninja-warning-shayathel-ne-hunter/#comment-385558 https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/45024-elysium-pvp-ninja-warning-shayathel-ne-hunter/#comment-386915 Reddit even: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/66xwnz/elysium_pvp_ninja_warning_shayathel_ne_hunter/ This have even been confirmed by a Support Representative, @Hudson... https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/45024-elysium-pvp-ninja-warning-shayathel-ne-hunter/?do=findComment&comment=386915 I have looked on all evidence and in my opinion, these people are harassing you (because there is no evidence to their ninja claims) and also breaking the forum rules when they: I am very interested to hear @Hudson 's reply here as he have confirmed that you are a ninja. What evidence have he seen that we have not? Being able to call out and warn the community about ninjas and similar is a good thing. But if you are allowed to make such claims without evidence then it's pretty f-ed up.
  7. Wrathran

    Call Customer Service?

    I would recommend you seek help on the Elysium Discord Support Channel. I think you can get faster response there: https://discordapp.com/invite/VVHRJeK This is just a general forum. The support forums are here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/303-help-support/
  8. Report for what? What rules have this player broken that needs to be reported? I mean it's fine to suggest changes to the rules and share opinions but it's bullshit to want people reported and banned when they are not breaking the rules. The guy is an asshole no question about but have any rules been broken?
  9. On Nostalrius this was allowed for up to 24h. How long an Extended period is I dont know but I would say between 14min-15days.
  10. Wrathran

    Camped in winterspring.

    Not banning players that are breaking the rules is not good but here we are talking about something that is allowed in the rules. I would say it is extremely much more worse if a GM would ban a player that is not breaking the rules compared to not banning a player that is breaking the rules...
  11. Wrathran

    Camped in winterspring.

    Is that your opinion or a factual claim because according to the written rules you are wrong. If I am wrong, please enlighten me. I mean don't get me wrong, I personally think that behaviour should be banned and agree that it is griefing, but right now, as the rules are written, it is not on Elysium and instead specifically allowed. "The Elysium staff recognizes all play styles to be valid and a part of the game and not harassment.".
  12. Right now someone is working their ass off so that we can play again. We thank you for this!
  13. Wrathran

    Camped in winterspring.

    It's not griefing according to the rules and are in fact specifically allowed in the rules. GM's always have the final word though.
  14. The GM is wrong. That's fine, humans do Mistakes. But he is wrong. (well technically not wrong as he has not claimed anything and just asked a player nice to stop doing something. SO maybe inappropriate?) This is not my opinion but a fact based on the written rules. The "problem" the GM have with this rule is that it is very clear and it states what is allowed and not what is not allowed like other rules and this rules is 100% clear without any "but/if's". What OP is doing is allowed, specifically allowed by the rules.