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    2Handed warrior specc?

    I respeced to arms almost immediately after I dinged 60 and I haven't regretted it. When you do PvP without insane gear you really dont have the chance to 'stick around' your enemies so you are relying on charging in and delivering a nice 2h MS crit. Dual wielding just doesn't do the job.. (I suspect 2h fury could be decent as well). For dungeons I can really recommend just getting used to tanking. You will find groups and get the gear you need so much faster. It might be harder as arms, but still easily doable. Just make sure to get a good group composition so you have enough cc. So I would say totally go for it! Get into BRD and get that Dreadforge Retaliator! Then respec arms with axe specialization :) Edit: You can also get good 2h swords from Dire Maul North or the questline in Scholo (Warblade of Caer Darrow).
  2. Leakz

    Request for help -- quest reward choice

    I have the same question, so I'll be following this threat :) If you look at various profiles on Realmplayers, you will see that Omokk's Girth Restrainer is far more popular than Voone's Vice Grips. I think this is due two things. The belt is plate which makes it an automatic choice if you dont pay attention. The belt is also BiS in some way (Brigam Girdle could be better) so if you plan to get high end gear (Edgemaster's, Devilsaur or the PvP gloves), then belt might be better. HOWEVER, If you dont plan to get the BoE items, the hit from Voone's Vice Grips will make a huge difference. For example if you compare Voone's Vice Grips + Valor Belt vs Omokk's Girth Restrainer + Valor Gloves, the choice seems quite obvious? I am dinging 60 soon and Im really considering to take the Grips because of the huge boost it will be for someone without much hit. However, I am worrying that I might regret it later. (I believe the AB belt isnt out yet, right? Otherwise that makes the choice obvious...)
  3. Leakz

    Executioner's Cleaver VS Sul'thraze the Lasher

    What an awesome problem to have :P I would combine them and go 2H fury where weapon speed doesn't matter as much. An issue that doesn't get much attention imo is that a faster weapon is inherently better for leveling because you do less over-damage.