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  1. AkamaiOkole

    Current patch timeline

    Thanks. Is there a link to the patch notes for our version of TBC?
  2. AkamaiOkole

    Current patch timeline

    We should be on patch 2.0.3 which is the release of TBC and the software we're using is 2.4.3. However, I'm seeing a lot of items that weren't released until 2.3 in game now and other items that were released in 2.3 not in game. Are we following some alternate timeline? Examples of patch 2.3 items in game now: Guild banks, All primary profession trainers go up to 300 (you don't have to go to Uldaman to train enchanting from 225 to 300), most class talents/spells. Examples of patch 2.3 items not in game now: Most tradeskill recipes like Leatherworking Ammo pouches/quivers, Drums, Engineering mounts, old world dungeon loot revamped, heroic dungeon keys reduced to honored, etc. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Patch_2.3.0
  3. I have five 60+ toons and I've done this on most of them. I got really lucky on my rogue and it dropped from the first Razorclaw. The other day on my Mage it did not drop. A warlock and myself stayed there for over 50 Razorclaw spawns and it did not drop! After he didn't drop it, I turned in that quest and went back to grind him until it dropped. I finished the kill 3 cannons quest and got the next part which was to kill the named demon up on the hill above the Horde base. I killed him and the missive dropped! Just to confirm, I can 100% say that I've had the missive drop from both Razorclaw and the other named demon after him in the chain. If you must do it before they fix whatever is wrong, I'd recommend killing the other named demon and not Razorclaw.
  4. Hi, I've been testing out TBC server and was wondering if there's a good place to post them. For now, I'll put my first set of notes here. Please let me know if you want a different format, want anything specific tested or posted in a different location. Portal trainers: On the Horde side, you have to go to Org, Undercity & Thunder Bluff to train in all three portals. On the Alliance side, the portal trainer in SW trains five of the six Alliance city portals missing only the group Darnassus port. Mail issues: The mail isn’t working. If you send items it will eat them and the recipient will get an email w/o any attachments with the name of what was sent in the subject line. Zeppelin: The zeppelin from Org to Gromgol is apparently broken. It never showed up. When you ask the little goblin she said it just arrived there. I was able to go from Undercity to Gromgol. Fishing issues: Nat Pagel, Angler Extreme – this quest is broken. I spent two hours between Feralas and Desolace trying to catch the named fish and after 100+ catches in each zone at the correct spots, I was never able to fish one. This blocks anyone from leveling fishing past 225. Most of the places where I found floating wreckage had a second pool of fish underneath it. It’s not all but most and definitely not classic. Fishing pools are bugged. You can only have one successful catch per pool. After that, even when they are trivial, when the bobber shakes, when you click to catch the fish, the bobber disappears and it removes one spawn of the node. The trunks you get from fishing have a very high rate of having nothing in them which is not classic. The only time they didn’t have anything in them was when it was the fishing pools tracking book . It might have been post TBC. If you already had fishing pools tracking memorized and fished another in a box, when you opened the box you saw nothing inside but it didn’t poof the box. You could then trade it to someone that hadn’t learned it yet even though the book was bind on pickup. This was true with bind on pickup recipes that you found in junk boxes from pick pocketing. Quests: Preparing the salve: Hellfire spineleaf respawns in the exact same location within 30 seconds so someone could stand on the same spot and get all 12 in 6 mins. Voidwalkers gone wild: I cast frostbolt on a rogue voidwalker and it resisted the spell but didn’t agro. Other stuff: My spell hit rate was 72 = 8.67% + Arcane Subtlety & Arcane focus but I was getting resists with arcane missiles from regular mobs in Hellfire Peninsula (like a level 58 buzzard when I was 61). There is a delay from when your spell hits the mob which should kill it and when it actually dies. Like ½ second or so, enough time for the mob to get an extra hit on you. At the dark portal in Hellfire Peninsula (near Horde flight path), two NPCs have a portal open to Org but you can’t click on it. Improved arcane missiles – I’ve been interrupted by a number of mobs which stopped me from finishing my 5 bolts. Example the undead horsemen in Hellfire have a charge stun. On live it would stun you but your bolts would continue to shoot. Arathi Highlands – rare spawns Molok the Crusher & Geomancer Flintdagger both had no loot other than coin. Also, Kregg Keelhaul in Lost Rigger Cove (Tanaris). It seems like most (not all) rare spawns aren’t dropping anything. They should almost always have a green or better item. Maurading crust bursters in hellfire chain cast 700+ damage poison ridiculously fast. Way over tuned. The Fel cannon mki in Hellfire chain fire super fast also. I distinctly remember when TBC first opened, there were ore nodes behind the dark portal/the stair of destiny in Hellfire Peninsula. It was a “safe” place to mine since there were no mobs.
  5. AkamaiOkole

    TBC beta testing

    I've got a Horde made, I'll make an alliance too and try to do all the quests I can on both.
  6. I'm late to the party but would like to assist with any additional TBC beta testing that is needed. I've logged in the last few nights and was surprised that there were only 0-2 other people total online. So, testing group/raid stuff wouldn't be feasible. If there are things left that an individual can test for you, is there a list somewhere? I wanted to try to max out all the tradeskills. I started with tailoring but quickly found that mobs weren't dropping any cloth. Some can be found occasionally in treasure chests or fishing can provide bolts of cloth. I then decided to try mining/engineering. Several components in engineering require cloth though so I worked around that as best I could. I noticed on mining that there were way fewer nodes in game than the regular server. I'm assuming it is partially due to fewer people online = fewer spawns but it was pretty ridiculously low. I went almost completely around the Hinterlands and found like 4 mining nodes as an example.
  7. AkamaiOkole

    Linen Cloth Drop Rate

    This would be great thank you! Where is the vendor with ore? I didn't see one in Org. I ended up having to skill up mining to work on Engineering. Several recipes require items that use cloth (unstable triggers, etc.) so I'm at a standstill there too now. I noticed there are way fewer mining nodes than on Nighthaven pvp server. Is this due to fewer people (like some dynamic spawning mechanism based on population)?
  8. AkamaiOkole

    Linen Cloth Drop Rate

    Mobs still aren't dropping linen cloth so it's currently not possible to test BC tailoring.
  9. AkamaiOkole

    Linen Cloth Drop Rate

    Can you verify if there is a vendor for this? I'm at the BC vendors in org and there isn't any cloth. I created a mage and wanted to level tailoring.
  10. Thank you very much. I assumed if you made any character, they all started at 1.
  11. I've been looking everywhere and all the information talks about how to transfer characters and limitations when TBC goes live. I downloaded the TBC beta client and set the realm list correctly and was able to make a new character and play but how do I copy my existing level 60 toons over to beta? Can someone provide a link? Thank you!
  12. AkamaiOkole

    Test Server - down since last night

    Currently they appear to be testing if I'll go nuts without any boats.
  13. AkamaiOkole

    Test Server - down since last night

    Just came back up!
  14. AkamaiOkole

    Test Server - down since last night

    Hi, test server is down again. Is there a way to tell when it should/shouldn't be up? I'm trying to gear characters to do tests on the 1.7 patch before it hits (and for future patches) and it's frustrating when it's down. It was up last night/this morning but the boats weren't working again.
  15. The log in servers crashed for a couple hours last night but then was able to get back in Nighthaven but since then the Test Server (PTR) has still been down.