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  1. disgusting


    Why are you going against the direct wishes of the previous GM Lead Pottu? While Pottu was on vacation those two players were unbanned and Pottu overruled that decision when he returned from his vacation. Now, one day after his departure from the team these two players are unbanned for the second time?
  2. disgusting

    bye pottu

    hi normandah Guess Pottu was the only person keeping cheaters and exploiters off the server? A single day after pottus resignation Normandah is unbanned after being permanently banned multiple times.
  3. disgusting

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Wow! The BEST guild on Nostalrius/Anathema WoW surely has a video of their realm best speedrun! Can't wait to see it guys!
  4. disgusting


    I really wish I could figure out why our guild is being blamed for that donation shit. The fact shenna even worded it that way is downright ridiculous. From what I know no one in NOPE has donated to the server. No one has claimed to donate anything, let alone to charge back a single thing. There was some american guild that quit the same time as us, might want to see if it was them.\ its disgusting that our guild is catching the blame for this shit when there is no reason to think it was us other than some bullshit wording from the moneymongering administration, maybe they worded it that way in an attempt to rile up some donations
  5. disgusting


    its funny because right after we quit the server shut down for 48 hrs straight randomly, causing another strange donation beg post(how many in 3months now?) they announced another shit fucking custom event then reneged on that instantly when it blew up in their face the last vocal sign of nostalrius resigned(rip potters) the pop dropped below 2k for the first time looks like our decision proved to be the right one, huh?
  6. disgusting

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Why exactly are people raging @ NOPE in this thread?
  7. disgusting

    The War Effort Continues!

    Go farm. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  8. disgusting

    BYO donate guild?

    Looks like a realmplayers bug.
  9. disgusting

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    Post the vid then. Cause you afking for 80 seconds(as seen on realmplayers) after Vael is quite interesting, if what you say is true. And there is 0 chance you didn't invis past almost every single lab pack. Like my name says, disgusting.
  10. disgusting


  11. disgusting

    [EU] Dreamstate - #1 Horde - Nostalrius PvP

    A sad guild that couldn't cut it legit resorted to skipping trash with invis pots/cloaking devices to finally get a "record". I guess when you try every DMF week for 14 months to be the best and no matter what you do or try you just can't win there isn't many options left. Can't wait to see your pathetic video. Shameful.