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  1. blisslfutz

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    I have done, only one thread I found was really interesting. It was the thread about the damage calculation. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/23975-boomkin-dps-calculations/ where you also contributed. But there I didnt found the reason, why a balance druid is so worse, that nobody wants to have them in their raid. When he scales a little bit better with crit and spellpower then a mage it should be possible to gear him a little bit different then a mage, to get a more manareg. So Im curios why everybody hates moonkins
  2. blisslfutz

    Why is balance druid so worse?

    Hi folks, i just made some calculations about dps and mana efficience of a balance druid and compared it to a mage. And I dont see, why everybode is telling, that a balance druide is worse than a mage. When i calculated the dps i didnt considered crit chance. The base crit chance of a mage and a druid should be the same. If you assume, that both chars cant crit and dont have mana regen i calculated following values when both chars have 6000 mana, and 300 Spellpower. (Druid skilled -9% mana costs and +10% dmg bonus, mage skilled +6% dmg bonus and -15% mana costs) Spell Wrath (Spell dmg bonus is 2/3,5) Rank BaseDmg Mana Dmg DPS DPM Time till oom 4 69 64 265 176 4,1 141 sec 8 250 164 464 309 2,8 55 sec Spell Starfire (spell damage scales 1:1) Rank BaseDmg Mana Dmg DPS DPM Time till oom 1 100 86 440 147 5 208 sec 6 480 287 840 286 3 63 sec Spell Frostbolt (Spell dmg bonus is 3/3,5) Rank BaseDmg Mana Dmg DPS DPM Time till oom 4 79 55 356 142 6,4 270 sec 10 445 221 744 297 3,4 67 sec As you can see in the table, just with the base manapool booth chars can cast nearly the same time with higher rank spells. The mage can cast for 67 seconds, while the druid can chose to make more damage with wrath or to cast nearly the same time but do less damage with starfire. With more spell power the damage difference between wrath and frostbolt will increase. With 700 spellpower wrath will deal 600 dps and frostbolt (rank 10) will deal 550 dps. Both chars can increase their spell crit damage by 100%. With talents the mage gets a higher crit change Winters chill adds 10%, moonkin aura adds only 3%. So there is a difference of 7% crit chance due to the talents but the druid can make more base damage. Increasing depending on the gear (4% more with 300 spell power, 9% more with 700). With 7% less crit he should deal 3,5% less damage. (assuming, that the mage has 7% and the druid none). With a higher crit chance the druid can cast faster which will increase his damage output and decrease his mana pool. Each point of crit chance increase his damage by about 3% when he is using wrath and by about 1,5% when he is using starfire. While each point decrease the time he can cast by 0,5% when using wrath and by about 0,25% when using starfire. So a druid while benefit more of a higher crit chance than a mage. Both chars can skill 15% base mana reg, so i neglect mana reggen during fights here. A mage can use Evocation and a druid can use Innervate. Evocation will restore more mana when both chars have the same gear. Innervate increase it by 400% over 20seconds. Which will cause a total bonus of 8000 ?? or 1333 ??/m. A mage will increase it by 1500 over 8 seconds. Which will provide 12000?? or 1500??/min. He can also use a mana gem, which will give him 1000-1200 mana. The only big difference i can see is, that a mage can use his gem and his evocation gives him a little bit more mana. But a balance druid can cause more damage. And a druid is more versatile. Am i missing something or why is a balance druid so worse (or is seen as bad dps)
  3. blisslfutz

    Dawn Treaders

    Does someone know, when Dawn Treaders get updated?
  4. blisslfutz

    What makes a feral bear a better bear?

    When you fight low lvl mobs, you still get a certain amount of damage, even with high amount of armor. When I go Stockade with approxiamte 11000 armor, ill receive less then 30 dmg per mob. According to the formula DR% = Armor / (Armor + 400 + 85 * AttackLevel) for mobs under lvl 60 i would have 81% mitigation with my armor. The base attack of the mobs is between 150 and 200 dmg. With 75% mitigation i would take between 37 and 50 dmg per hit. I havent checked this probably. When i have some spar time ill test it out.
  5. blisslfutz

    Alternative to defense cap?

    You can look for this by yourself. Just search for all items with avoidance, select the item with the highest avoidance for a specific slot and sum up these numbers
  6. blisslfutz

    How much AP is 1% crit chance worth for a kitty?

    As Razorwynd said the increase depends on your gear. When you do 100 dps wihtout crits 1% crit chance will increase your total dps by 1%. Then one crit will be equal to 14ap. When you do 200 dps 1% crit will be equal to 28 ap. But you need also to consider your current crit chance to calculate the increase and your hit gear. And crits give you also an othe bnous (more combo points, more rage), which are hard to calculate correctly
  7. blisslfutz

    Warlock PVP Help

    pretty easy. You need to do 4 things. Fear, dot, dot. Target is still alive? Fear again, is it dead? Spit and laugh.
  8. blisslfutz

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    I dont think it is a gold sink. Only a few people will respec, because it is to expensive. So the people will just save the money. When you lower the cost it is more likely, that a lot of people will respec many times. They will also try different pve specs or pvp specs. i would like the idea of lowering respec costs. An other idea is to have something like a dual spec. The player can have on spec that is active in the normal world and an other spec that get active if you join a bg. This will probably kill world pvp. The biggest problem i have is, that getting a high rank has nothing to do with your skill. It is just the time you can afford. Even as a super bad player, playing 24/7 you can get rank 12-13. When you are a skilled player with a real life who can play 5-10h per week or less you will never get a high rank. To avoid this it could be possible to use an other system. I hope i can explain it well enough. When the staff is interested in this system i can also make some calculations and simulations. To check if its possible to create such a system. I would also provide the formula the staff need to use. The system has several steps. To take world pvp, premade bgs and pug bgs into account. It is possible to get a high rank if you are a very good player or if you have to much time and can play 24/7. Core element is a rating system where you get rating points if you win a bg and loose rating points if you lose a bg. The amount of points is based on the rating points of the opposite fraction and the number of bg objectives you got. If the winning side has higher rating points then the losing side they will get only a small amount of rp. If the match was a close call they will get less points then a group which dominate the game. You get also rp for world pvp. But it is not possible to farm 24/7 low lvl people. When you have high rp and you kill someone with low rp (because hes doing barely pvp) it is possible that you will get only a small amount of rp, it is also possible that you wont get any rp. If you die against someone with nearly no rp you will lose a lot of points. This rp adjustment will not happen in a bg, because the influence would be to big due to high amount of dying people. Based on the rp some has farmed during one week the ranks for the next week will be calculated. So the distribution of ranks among the players stays the same. The rp of player will decay a little bit after one week, so the matchmaking in the beginning of the next week is based on there current and good player are more likely to fight against other good players and still need to do pvp regular, so they can keep there rank. When you do something like this it is necessary to have a matchmaking system which takes your rating points and the size of your group into account. The people can still farm honor, the honor will decay weekly and to buy an item you need to have a certain rank or a certain amount of honor. So the 24/7 farmer can still get there items. When the honor decays by 20% per week and a top farmer collects 2.000.000 honor per week you can set the costs of an epic quality item to 6.000.000 honor. The player need to farm 5 weeks for one item. (Or you can just have a second rank calculation based on the farmed honor of the players, and the player will get the higher rank, either based on honor or on rp) A third step could be implemented to take care of players with less time per week and who are not very good player. They can get a specific honor mark for doing bgs and world pvp (one for winning a bg, one for killing 10 people in world pvp, objectives in silithus or plaguelands). But they can get only one mark of each type (ws, av, kills, silithus, etc.) per day. They can buy items with this marks too (costs per item 200-400 marks) and a player will lose all his marks when he buy a item with his honor points. So a casual player can farm his item (when he collect 3 marks per day, winning ws, ab and kill 10 people in world pvp, and a item costs 300 marks he need to farm 100 days for this item). In my opinion from a system like this everybody will benefit. The 24/7 farmers can still farm. Every player have a reason to do some world pvp (he can "easily" farm epic items, without a big advantage due to the number of days he would need) and got players get restricted by ganking low lvl players 24/7 (loose a lot of rp). And good players can get a high rank without playing 24/7. And it is still not to easy to get the items. (A casual player, who gets 2 marks per day and want to have the epic armor and two epic weapons. The r12 armor costs 250marks, r13 costs 300 and r14 costs 350 marks, he need to play 1175 days. If he can obtain 6 marks per day (killing 10 people in world pvp, win a ws, ab and av, doing objectives in plaguelands and silithus) he still need to play 391 days. The hardest part of a system like this is the matchmaking. But i think you can easily copy the matchmaking from games like dota or lol. To handle the problems with premades you can use the player with the highest rp of a group to search for a bg. Example: You need 2 ppl for a bg, 4 are maximum. In the beginning the algorithm for a bg will search for ppl with the same rp. After a certain time he will increase the difference between the rp of players When a players start to queue, the algorithm check if there is a queue with the rp of the player. H1:7rp (player number 1, horde side, 7 raking points) start to search for a bg. Currently there is nor queue so a bg will be "created" but the player wont get an invitation. He will get one, when there are enough players. The bg will allow only player with the same amount of rp in the beginning. So there is a bg1:7rp(battleground 1, 7 ranking points) Several other players are joining the queue H2:7rp, H3:9rp, H4:6rp, H5:8rp, h6:10rp and A1:7rp, A2:5rp, A3:9rp, A4:8rp, a5:9. a6:10rp, a7:11rp Player a5,a6,a7 are premades. So the algorithm will say both of them are rp11 The player h2 will go into bg1:7rp, the player a1 will go there two. The bg wont open, because there are not enough players. there are no queues for the other players so several new bg queues will open. bg2:9rp, bg3:6rp, bg4:8rp, bg5:5rp, bg6:10rp and bg7:11rp After one minute the bg queues will increase there rp area. bg1 will contain also rp 6 and 8. bg1:7rp will change to bg1:6-8rp. This bg intersects with bg3:6rp and bg4:8rp. This bgs dont have an area, so the bgs can easily merge. in bg3:6rp was the player h4 and in bg4:8rp was the player a4 and h5. so bg1:6-8rp contains player h1,h2,h4,h5,a1,a4. Now there enough players and the bg will open. Now he will immediately search for other players in other ranks, so they dont have to wait for a full bg. the other existing bg queues at this time are bg2:9rp, bg5:5rp, bg6:10rp, bg7:11rp. First the bg will look to the ranks 5 and 9. In the queue of bg2:9rp is only one horde and one ally player. Only the ally player can join, because horde is full. In bg5:5rp is on ally player, he can also join bg1. So after the invite there is bg1 with the player h1:7rp,h2:7rp,h4:6rp,h5:8rp and a1:7rp,a4:8rp,a2:5rp,a3:9rp After this merge the are three more queues. bg2:9rp with player h3:9rp, bg6:10rp and bg7:11rp. After the next timestep these queues will also merge and open the next bg. I hope the matchmaking based on the rank points is clear. And i apologize for my english