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    Stuck in combat for hours.

    Finally I am out of combat. I logged off for another 5 minutes, and it seems to be fine now. Still something that I have never experienced to that degree. We've all seen the combat bug here and there, but never at this magnitude. Could be something wrong with the session data that's on the server?
  2. Sorry if this is too verbose, but I want to be as detailed as possible. Had a group that ran SM Arm earlier and the entire group got stuck in combat. We all tried relogging, alt + f4, reloading, running in and out of instance, running out of instance and then relogging, nothing worked. Combat bug persisted through entire dungeon. We trudged through and went to do SM Cath next. When we first went in, the combat bug went away until we killed the first mob, then we were stuck in combat again for the rest of the dungeon. Again, tried all the troubleshooting we could think of to no avail. Got through it again and left the dungeon. After leaving, myself and another one of our group members were still stuck in combat. After a little while, the other group member's combat bug went away. However, mine is still bugged and I am stuck in combat. I'm playing a warrior, and after hearthing back to Tanaris, I killed 5 mobs to try to get whatever piece of code that drops combat to run (or however it works). I removed all buffs that were on me, relogged several times, and even logged for about five minutes. Still stuck in combat 30 minutes after the dungeon. Please help.
  3. When I logged into WoW today, I was unable to send mail and I kept getting the error "Internal mail server error". Thinking it was strange, I quit WoW and tried to reload. As soon as I closed the application, Malwarebytes gives me a ransomware warning and says that it quarantined part of the WoW folder (didn't get a screenshot of what it was, also didn't tell me which part of the WoW folder). When I checked the quarantine in the antivirus application, there was nothing there. Weird, thought it quarantined something. Go to reload WoW again, and it says that I cannot access it. I'm not sure if it's just my antivirus freaking out over nothing; I kind of suspect that, since I keep it updated and run regular scans. It could have been a download of an addon, though, I was using a popular site for those. However, the addons that I have were downloaded forever ago and have been there for months. Anybody else experience this?
  4. Cheers, thank you so much! That is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Hi Folks, I'm a vanilla veteran but I never did fishing in WoW...ever. Never even looked at it or cared. I just picked up fishing and would like to level it up as I go but I have a question: Is there an optimal fishing leveling guide out there somewhere for vanilla? Doing searches reveals some websites that I want to visit but the clicks seem risky. I don't know if fishing in different water during different level thresholds is important, etc. Thanks for any help.
  6. Kark

    Is Zeth'Kur down?

    Yep, it's down, but no word on it yet. https://elysium-project.org/status