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  1. Been away since a little before X-mas and tried to log in today. Had 3 lvl 60 and some twinks at the Anathema server but cant find my characters.... It says that I have 10 characters on the nighthaven server in the realm list, but have never played there. And when I click the realm no characters load... Just want to know what happened to my old Anathema characters.
  2. Hi! Just wanted to check the interest in twinking at the upcoming TBC server. Click the most fitting answer in the poll. All people who play on Anathema know how pre-60 BG is dead atm. Have a few twinks myself at different brackets (19, 29 and 39) and I've seen people gearing twinks on Anathema in hope that they can play them at the TBC server. Some guy made a post that he looked forward to twinking and could sponsor people with gear, so there are definatly people wanting the twinking community to get a revival. TBC was a great time for twinks with Arena added and more balanced games when Horde got paladins aswell. What do you think? Want to play? Hope to see alot of you guys in the BG!
  3. pellefant


    Hi all forum readers and staff. Saw two different announcements regarding transfers. The post at Elysium forums said: (from Legacy Crusade: The Journey doesn't end here) "Characters will be copied like the PTR realm. When your server is able to proceed to TBC, your characters will automatically be copied over." But the QandA at Crestfall forums said: (from Crestfall Update 8/21/2017, scroll down at page 2 to see QandA by dev) "Q: Will there be transfers from the other Elysium servers to CF servers? Ever? A: No. There are both technical and ethical challenges in moving characters from one core to another, alongside the issues with merging economies that developed on different cores, and different project philosophies." So wondering how it's going to be. Could we get a statement form the staff. Some people leveling on Anathema in hope that they can use that toon later in TBC, but not much use ofcourse it it won't be transfered,
  4. pellefant

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    I play on the Anathema server and have a few twinks and semi-twinks that I'm unable to play with since there isn't any pre-60 BG. I see in the comments above that other servers have the same problem too. With decreased server population across all servers, there simply isn't enough people on one server for pre-60 BG to happen. Old Nostalrius tried to implement a cluster system, just before they were shut down, that would allow cross-realm BG which would increase the total amout of players that could join the same BG. It would make it much easier for BGs to pop with more ppl that are able to join and could solve the pre-60 BG problem. Would love for this to happen! :)
  5. pellefant

    Cross realm BG for lower levels

    The different patches only affect a handful of items at pre-60. The hat, from the fishing quest in STV is one of them, but could easily be solved by early release of the STV fishing quest on the Elysium server, which would not affect end-game in any way. The Node-system that old Nostalrius tried to implement would be a great way of allowing cross-realm BG. Had forgotten about that video myself, but that is of course one way to do it, the method has already been invented! :D
  6. Have a few twinks at level 19 and 29 at the anathema server, but latley they have all been unplayable because of a drop in players participating in pre-60 BG. I remember twinking as one of the most fun aspects of vanilla WoW. I understand that cross realm BG at level 60 would be unfair because of different progression on the servers, but at level 19 and 29, almost all the progression is the same (can only think of Seal of Wrynn that had it stats changed, might be more items, but not that many). With just a few items that differ in progression I think that it would be easy to fix or even just keep it that way, people would be happy just to be able to play once more. Really miss 19 and 29 BG and I know that many people in my twink guilds feel the same, just want to be able to play once more!