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  1. Hello folks Im a newcomer to vanilla warcraft in fact im a newcomer to wow . Anyways i want to ask sumthin awkward: I want a protection warrior rotation dont give me BS about fury i wanna lvl as prot -_- plox. Thanks you and much regards!
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    Name issue!

    I had some old chars on diferent server that have same names as the ones im playing atm on nightheaven but since server merge i cant login so i thought if i delete the old chars it will work to login but BAM it does not work. Fix this dayum issue im not changing my chars names i luv em PERIOD (id rather quit) lol!
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    So do dwarves have check bere rofl!
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    Hay what is a druid code XD?
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    hello all Hope im writing in the right section! Im new just started this weekend on this server level 5 or so ATM,faction alliance race dwarf class hunter. Just dropped here to say hi i enjoy playn till now,im a first timer to wow btw i like ranged classes opened for some advices tho i hate range casters magic classes. Playd official Aion for an year or so but IT became to P2P much and i dont agree with that kind of stuff. Anyways i come from europe,romania wonder if there is some players like me here i play late in the evenings mon/fri and heavy online on weekends this is some info for who would team-up for a bit lvlin,co-op and etc You can find my in game on a unshaved dwarf wich i dont care its ugly its my fav class till now named Itchybeard P.M. me in game If You wanna gather a team to lvl. TL;DR: Hay lmfao! PS: sorry for my english!