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  1. The gold seller accounts get collected up and looked at en masse rather than one by one as reported. They do get removed in time.
  2. Fulzamoth

    War Macro Issues 2H + 1H Shield

    SuperMacro has an equip function, but WeaponQuickSwap may be a better option for your specific case.
  3. Fulzamoth

    Addons not adding on?

    This is a fairly common problem usually caused by one of two issues: incorrect directory name addons installed in a subdirectory Incorrect Directory Name AddOn directories must be named correctly. The name of the directory must match the name of the .toc file inside the AddOn directory itself. The most common problem, at least with AddOns downloaded from Github, is having the -master git branch name appended to the AddOn's directory name. Removing the -master usually gets the AddOn loading properly. Interface --> AddOns --> SomeAddonName <----- this directory name must match... --> main.lua --> SomeAddonName.toc <----- ... this file name --> othercode.lua --> AddonFromGithub-master <----- the -master mismatches the toc name... --> main.lua --> AddonFromGithub.toc <----- toc has no -master in name --> othercode.lua The bold text in the above examples show what must match. Addons Installed in Subdirectory AddOns must be installed in directly subdirectories below Interface/Addons, and not in further subdirectories below that. Interface --> AddOns --> SomeAddonName <----- Correctly installed --> main.lua --> SomeAddonName.toc --> othercode.lua --> Subdirectory --> SomeOtherAddonName <----- this addon will not load --> main.lua --> SomeOtherAddonName.toc --> othercode.lua In this case the clue to look for is the location of the .toc file. The Warcraft client will only look in the subdirectories immediately below the AddOns directory for toc files to load.
  4. It'll be faster waiting the week or two for an old paper copy to ship. They can be had for less than $10.
  5. MacroTT-V now supports Discord Action Bars A bit of Discord Action Bars code has been added into MacroTT, and the DAB_ActionButton_OnEnter() will be wrapped if DAB is active. DAB features supported: Modify Tooltip global option works Disable Tooltip on a specific action bar works DAB on event scripts should work (needs more testing to confirm)
  6. Our January 14, 2018 Development Update went relatively unnoticed at the time it was released but contained a major change that made Nighthaven unique in the vanilla server community. This update reduced the quest experience rewards on all quests over level 31 to the amounts given during the original Vanilla World of Warcraft days. The change was the result of extensive work by Navak and Egregious, two of the Elysium Project QA staff. They are researching the experience point system in Vanilla WoW, and discovered that experience awards listed on online databases for level 31—60 quests was higher than what archived information from 2004–2006 showed. Testing in game showed quests were granting these higher amounts of XP. They looked at hundreds of quests to ensure the problem was system and then opened bug report #276. A week later Elysium updated the XP awards, and Nighthaven became the first server running with true vanilla-era XP. This work is an example of the ongoing attention to detail that is required to make a Blizz-like server. The source of the error is likely The Burning Crusade Patch 2.3 (released 2007-11-13), which contained a couple of changes to the experience point system: The amount of experience needed to gain a level has been decreased between levels 11 and 60. In addition, the amount of experience granted by quests has been increased between levels 30 and 60. No single source of data online is completely accurate, so researchers like Navak and Egregious must comb through old forum posts and other places to find corroborating evidence. As an example of how muddy the waters are, for The Active Agent (quest 5213): Thottbot reports 6850 XP pre-2.3 and 14300 XP post-2.3. WoWWiki agrees with the post-2.3 award of 14300 XP. Allakhazam says 6500 pre-2.3 and 14500 post-2.3. ClassicDB says 1450, and appears to list 1/10 the post-2.3 experience for all quests. Servers were awarding 14500. Examples of other quests affected: Quest 629 — The Vile Reef (Level 37) Pre-2.3 — 2850 XP Post-2.3 — 3700 XP, a ~30% increase Quest 1136 — Frostmaw (Level 37) Pre-2.3 — 4250 XP Post-2.3 — 5550 XP, a ~30% increase Quest 2903 — The Battle Plans (Level 43) Pre-2.3 — 3600 XP Post-2.3 — 5050 XP, a ~40% increase Quest 1691 — More Wastewander Justice (Level 44) Pre-2.3: — 3750 XP Post-2.3 — 5300 XP, a ~40% increase Quest 6041 — When Smokey Sings, I Get Violent (Level 58) Pre-2.3 — 6200 XP Post-2.3 — 9000 XP, a ~45% increase We expect other servers in the Blizz-like Vanilla community will be adjusting their quest XP rewards on existing or future fresh realms. While the projects do compete, we also all seek to give players the most accurate Vanilla WoW experience possible. Well researched and documented bug reports, whether from staff or players, are one common source of information that the entire community benefits from. Thanks to Navak and Egregious, players can now look forward to a slower, but more true-to-vanilla, journey to level 60.
  7. Fulzamoth

    Unable to kill any monsters

    Close game client and erase contents of the WDB folder to clear the local game content cache.
  8. Fulzamoth

    BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    Open a GM ticket so they can review the quest for you.
  9. Fulzamoth

    BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    You abandon, and no question mark appears?
  10. Fulzamoth

    BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    Abandon "Distracting Jarven" and try again then.
  11. Did you disabled/enabled the hardware cursor setting in Video Options? It's often the cause.
  12. Fulzamoth

    Email removal

    We don't remove email addresses from accounts.
  13. Fulzamoth


    We do not support 2FA at this time.
  14. Fulzamoth

    invalid/banned info/acount

    PM me the details and I'll look up your appeal.
  15. Fulzamoth

    invalid/banned info/acount

    We don't do email verification here. Are you sure you filed and appeal in our ban appeals?