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  1. What IP are you testing against? You want to connect to logon.elysium-project.org.
  2. Unable to kill any monsters

    Close game client and erase contents of the WDB folder to clear the local game content cache.
  3. Rename your config.wtf so a new one gets generated. Delete your realmlist.wtf, and create a new one with only one line: SET realmList logon.elysium-project.org
  4. BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    Open a GM ticket so they can review the quest for you.
  5. BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    You abandon, and no question mark appears?
  6. BUG- Bitter rivals quest

    Abandon "Distracting Jarven" and try again then.
  7. Did you disabled/enabled the hardware cursor setting in Video Options? It's often the cause.
  8. Email removal

    We don't remove email addresses from accounts.
  9. Correct *realmlist.wtf* should have only one line: SET realmList logon.elysium-project.org Don't use an IP address, as that can be changed at any time.
  10. Authenticator

    We do not support 2FA at this time.
  11. invalid/banned info/acount

    PM me the details and I'll look up your appeal.
  12. invalid/banned info/acount

    We don't do email verification here. Are you sure you filed and appeal in our ban appeals?
  13. Email removal

    Not clear what you're asking - you want us to remove another account that is using what you believe to be your email?
  14. Faction Numbers

    53% Horde to 47% Alliance, online at level 60, this past Saturday.
  15. Population

    /who in game shows you.