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  1. Bloodyjudas

    the hunters path - bug?

    Thanks Myllz, much appreciated. It seemed a long long way to go for no reason!
  2. Bloodyjudas

    the hunters path - bug?

    Hi, I completed the quest (dawrf) to get my pet, and then got sent to Ironforge for my pet abilities (feed, revive, call etc). I'm all set and leveling. But, the IF trainer gave me another quest to go to Darnasus. A google search shows this is a bug, and is the exact same quest i handed in, but is the Nelf equivalent to go to Darnasus. Am i safe to ignore / abandonen the quest, or will this stop me picking up later Hunter quests?
  3. Bloodyjudas

    Anathema PvP — Unexpected Downtime

    Will elysium be able to access the donations straight away to pay OVH? PayPal can be a nightmare at times.