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    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    @Dhralla So you are saying you didn't use my post as a source? Seriously?
  2. Nitsujcm

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    If you are going to copy and paste my Reddit post on hit, you could at least link to it in the Sources and Credit section. You put a lot of work into this and it looks good. I put a lot of work into gathering that info too. Hunter Hit Cap, Weapon Skill and the 8.6% Myth
  3. Nitsujcm

    Lupos: Shadow Damage until 1.9.0

    Part 1: Per the database file, Lupos does Shadow Damage File: https://github.com/elysium-project/database Line: 860 (its a really long line, I cut it down the the relevant info) creature_template(...,name,....,dmgschool`,.....) (...,'Lupos',...,5,...) Part 2: Per the server code, pet damage is left alone until patch 1.9.0. File: elysium-project/server/src/game/Objects/Pet.cpp Lines: 1233 through 1236 if (sWorld.GetWowPatch() < WOW_PATCH_109) SetMeleeDamageSchool(SpellSchools(cinfo->dmgschool)); else SetMeleeDamageSchool(SPELL_SCHOOL_NORMAL); Part 3: Per the patch notes for 1.9.0, that is 100% correct. Link: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patch_1.9.0
  4. Does anyone have a guide on how the bar conditions work? I want to set up some conditions that are based on more more than one paramater; like if mob is in melee range and hostle, switch page. I have some setup, but they do weird things. It wont' always trigger out of combat for example. Also - I can't figure out where to keybind pet actions.... am I just missing that somewhere?