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  1. There is a distinction between uncontested pve instancing and highly contested pvp instancing. The entire point of my original recommendation of BRD was the fact that it is uncontested, not that it is in an instance. Also, the player controls the BRD reset, the server controls the AV reset.
  2. saintnixon

    Is elysium blizzlike

    Argument of semantics.
  3. You won't? You get the influx of new players, that will sustain you.
  4. You can't farm high level herbs and blotus in BRD.
  5. saintnixon

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Any news on Ossirian?
  6. The only preferences unique to Zeth'kur players is that they either wanted a lower population or they wanted to avoid a queue. Fortunately for them Anathema has no queue and a lower population than Elysium. You could say they wanted a fresh realm too, but as I already stated there are many new fresh private servers that they can flock to if that is what they still want; elysium is not so fresh anymore.
  7. The logic goes as follows: There are 4 variables to account for when choosing a realm; the realm type, the realm location, the content patch version, and the realm population. It does not get more fundamental than these, all else being equal. We can safely assume location should not be a factor in our case as we don't have regional server options. We can deduce that population does not have primacy in server choice due to the happenstance that players who prefer PVE will role on a PVE server despite a lesser population, ergo the presence of PVE servers in world where we can objectively quantify the higher demand for PVP servers. We have no evidence that players will play on a PVP server despite a low population in contrast to a high population PVE server because that is a scenario that does not occur. It is difficult to say whether content patch version is more fundamental than server type, but I would argue that it is true because it is a more over-arching stipulation, content patches phase in and out and are simply interval subsets of server progression, the state of 'PVP' or 'PVE' endures beyond and through them. Furthermore, it is borderline moot in our case because Darrowshire is further progressed than Elysium, also. The cool thing about language, logic, and cognition is that most of the time you can discern the logic behind a sentiment without having to inflate it into its more verbose, less subtle forms. But, thank you for reminding me that things that are apparent to people with a better understanding can escape others who are peering into an opaque quagmire when they try to reconcile their perception with that of others.
  8. You are blatantly unaware that you perceive your position to be derived from logic while in reality it is built upon a hierarchy of subjective values relative to yourself. How is philosophy 101 going?
  9. PVP versus PVE is the most fundamental aspect of server choice. You have lost any semblance of credibility that you had.
  10. This conversation is absurd. To hell with the players who have left the project and don't monitor the announcements, they were nothing more than hype-cultists and will only ever drift aimlessly between fresh servers. Any player that left for legitimate concerns, yet was invested in their character and made bonds within the community will see this news and act in accordance. This conversation is nothing more than a petty rivalry between players on Anathema and players on Elysium. Elysium's argument is that ZK players will obviously prefer Elysium because it is the "healthy" realm; if that is true then go on and continue to play on Elysium and don't fret over things such as this, you have your alleged healthy population and if you are right then any active player will choose to join you on your server. However, the truth of the matter is that Anathema is far from dead, anyone who thinks so is merely blaming the shortcomings of themselves or their guild on their environment. The only truth of the matter is that our 60 population dwarfs sub-60 population. So, in truth, this is not about the just fate of default transfers, this is about Elysium players being insecure about the health of their own server. Stop your server>project mentality, we all rise and fall together. His statement is fine. Essentially the staff has to be the tie-breaker between the preferences of Anathema players and Elysium players, I see nothing wrong with them using their perspective to break such a tie. On another note, there was no uproar from the anathema players at the time of the original announcement when it "favored" elysium, perhaps because we had the presence of mind to realize 99% of players will choose their preference and not be transferred by default. Stop throwing a tantrum.
  11. No matter their decisions on matters such as this there will be a segment of the population who get shafted; think of all the people who are busting their ass right now farming elemental fire - if they implement what you want, their time becomes retroactively and arbitrarily wasted because they could have done something else or nothing at all and been just as well off as far as GFPPs go. That doesn't seem fair to them, they should be able to profit from their hard work, be it monetarily or via raid success. Making elemental fire ubiquitous cheapens their labors. Better to stay the course of 'blizzlike' because that is what was promised and is what should be expected. You may argue that they have departed from blizzlike but that is a segway into a new conversation. Until they announce that they no longer intend to emulate blizzlike conditions, then blizzlike is all we can expect and gear our efforts towards.
  12. The xmute is released when AQ is on the horizon as an indirect nerf to the previous raid tiers, implementing it early simply would make content that is already trivial to master exceedingly easy and, in turn, boring. Whatever raid tier the current patch is focusing on should be the one that is expensive to consume for.
  13. Their color is directly correlated with their Gelkis centaur clan reputation.
  14. saintnixon

    Unique Design

    Shaman/druid/pally tanks are viable, they just aren't preferred/accepted by large portions of the community. If we are speaking strictly of raids, you are going to have to go through tremendous efforts to get those classes to tank anything reliably/effectively but with the right group of people you would be surprised at what is possible. Same goes for unorthodox dps specs (smite priest, ret pally, boomkin, enhance/ele shams...etc). So, while they are far from optimal and they will be received with extreme prejudice in many crowds, it is an exaggeration to claim they aren't viable. If you are participating in the aspects of the game that aren't pve raids (pvp, leveling, 5-mans) they are all perfectly viable and even preferable in many circumstances (e.g. pally tank in ud strat, dps shamans in pvp). The problem is that too much of the community only focuses on end-game raiding; vanilla is about much more than that. Even in raids, certain players enjoy the challenge of doing things that are not facilitated nor expected. As for custom content (new quests, new items...) I share your desire for a server that masterfully revamps such things while retaining the vanilla experience but the Elysium staff have stated their project's mission and that is to recreate vanilla wow as it was then. Some things must be compromised due to the difference in accessible community knowledge, staff resources, and server populations, but to attempt to sway them from their objective is unfair and would also result in a huge backlash from the community.
  15. Accelerated Elysium/ZK timelines with the goal of unifying the PVP realms eventually when their content patches synchronize would benefit anyone who would be interested in such a transfer while also allowing the people who aren't interested a chance to experience the progressive releases they were promised and the AQ-release events so that they don't protest. Downside being accelerated patches are probably a burden on the devs to some degree.