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  1. Docfromhell

    Explanation for the server crashes

    I am sure Anathema would be happy with little more players, that are looking for further content ;) @Overtime
  2. Docfromhell

    Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository

    <Look Alive> Wed/Sun (20:00 EST) [A][NA]
  3. Welcome to <Look Alive> recruitment post Who are we: We are an Anathema PvE Guild consisted mostly of US player base. Our leadership is experienced with vanilla content and had the chance to full clear it on another servers. Our goal is to quickly progress through content and enjoy this game and social aspect of it one more time. We like to pursue goals by positively influencing and supporting our members. We are here to play the game as good as we can, create friendships and in general have a good time. Where we at: ZG/AQ20 - on farm MC/ONY - on farm 1st BWL - 2/8 When do we raid: Main raid days: Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm EST (2am server time) Optional 20mans: Monday and Thursday Requirements: In order to raid with us you need to have full pre-bis, preferably enchanted. We do accept people without it or people that are leveling atm. As long as your willing to work on yourself, we will be happy to help you out. We are mainly looking for healers and casters at this moment, but don't be afraid to shoot us a message, we are always on the lookout for dedicated members. Where to find us: To find more about us and to possibly apply to the guild you can just visit: http://lookalive.shivtr.com/ You can as well whisper in-game to: Docfromhell / Hookster /Sremmlife and other members of <Look Alive> for more info. Guild rules: Use your common sense. Be respectful to your fellow guild members, and be mature. No member of <Look Alive> is allowed to talk shit openly about any other guild. The theft of any loot, with the guild or in a pug run will result in an immediate gkick. Thank you for taking your time to read this post we hope to see you in our raids!
  4. Docfromhell

    Ban Appeal

    apparently if u used wrong password u get soft ban for 30min. that might be my issue.
  5. Docfromhell

    Ban Appeal

    how do i delete it over here?
  6. Docfromhell

    Ban Appeal

    Hello Elysium, I am seriously upset i am suppose to raid lead in 2hours and both of my accounts just got banned. I never bought golds I use authenticator. I was logged only on one account at a time. I got banned right after i logged out(in Iron Forge). I tried logging on my second account and i got immediately banned on it as well. I think this is some autoban issue and i really hope it gets resolved quickly. I know Elanuos(GM on Anathema) knows i am not a scumbag i like to joke with him. Never bought gold/don't use third party programs/dont multibox. Please help. So I can raid lead tonights raid. Thank You Docfromhell
  7. Hey fellow heroes, <Toasted> -US- is sitting on a core of players that has been playing together for years and progressed AQ40/Naxx on different servers. With the reopening of Elysium we transferred over here and we are looking for more dedicated players to join our PvE progression once again. We are looking for pre-bis people(or people working on pre-bis), that would like to join us on our raids going on wed/sun 1:30 AM server time which is 8:30 EST. Feel free to whisper me [Docfromhell] or other members/officers to apply. You can as well apply on http://toasted.shivtr.com . Thank you for your time and interest. We'll see you in-game.