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  1. I I just logged in after a long break of Elysium and I have a 22 days deserter debuff (507hours) I don't really want to wait this time. What should I do against that? I can post a screenshot if you'd like. My character is Nekfeu rogue level 60 on Elysium server
  2. Hi, I reach level 51 yesterday and I went to un'goro first yesterday it was litteraly impossible to do a quest without dying..So I moved to Felwood to see and it was worst..At this time I was like "hmmm what am I supposed to do". So I decided to get to searing gorge maybe If I stay far from Thorium Point I should not have any problem...Well I was wrong it was the worst idea I ever had... To people that are saying STV is a joke...wait until you get level 50 you'll see what is "joke". In 5hours 37minutes I have made 27% of level 51 and I'm starting to get tired of this ganking I don't know what to do tbh I mean what's wrong with you guys? I've tried all time (ST) 10AM 2PM 5PM 8PM 12AM 2AM 6AM I don't know about horde leveling but alliance one is a pain in the ass. Don't tell me "pvp server boi you should have think twice before playing" well it was not like this on Nostalrius and there were 3 or 4K more pop... Why are people killing lowbies all the day? What can I do against that? As I am writting this post Im getting ganked in searing gorge again...
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    Where can I download Ai art I tried on 1 website but could not register because I don't know the answer anti bot
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    What is this interface menu I mean login menu