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  1. savage

    BWL ID Reset

    Yeah, 10min ago :D
  2. savage

    BWL ID Reset

    We did go through BWL yesterday with our guild and cleared 3/8 and we planned to clear the rest today but for some reasons our BWL ID changed to be an Onyxia ID. I've read that it's the same for a lot of people, so can we get a clear stance(announcement) on this to know if we can re-clear it, open an ingame ticket (which will be late for tonight as it's taking really too long to get an answer) or just give up on the idea to clear it this week ? Thanks!
  3. savage

    [Guide] 2FA (mostly?) iOS fix

    Rebooting my phone did not help either. I'm clueless now!
  4. savage

    [Guide] 2FA (mostly?) iOS fix

    Android user here, it did not work for me synchronising again. In fact the modal told me that it was already synced to the google server.
  5. savage

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    On Elysium PvP is not broken I would say but it doesn't feel right. When queueing (solo as alliance) during the week, you barely get into any BGs. Meanwhile there is an overpopulation of horde sometimes it reaches 60% - 40% with around 5k ppl online... And yet you see a lot of horde players (60s) ganking lower level areas, camping ppl at flight path, dungeons entrances, boats, quests NPC (escorts). What can you do about that ? Nothing. You can't do nothing against stupidity. But you can still bring them to BGs to fight against equal opposition if it's not discouraging! I noticed a lot of horde players on Elysium complaining about having to face full premade with high gears in BGs, a quick solution that wouldn't hurt and re-activate BGs would be to allow only a group of 5players to queue into a BG (Arathi & WSG) and for AV (when you'll be releasing it), maybe try to lift that restriction and see how it works before doing something. It would allow some kind of premade but allow more ppl to PUG in and be able to PvP. It feels wrong having to wait hours before joining a BG when there are a lot of griefers and the population is high (and active!). Also when BGs start, we have to keep a balance in terms of number, you cannot have 4vs7 and things like that. It's frustrating and not fair at all. Personaly I loved the ranking system just before they release TBC. Because they finally realised that the PvP aspect in WoW before was broken. It was in fact splitting its community in two with PvPers & PvE-boys, having to farm honor like a madman while putting PvE aside wasn't what they wanted. Also this is not really viable here (lower pop than wow official & less players queues in BGs), because having this rank system while having no real BGs until we reach the weekend shut down any dreams of reaching the top for most of the players. In short : What's something that you enjoy about our current PvP scene? Open world PvP (when ppl are not camping/greykilling), PUGs or small group queues (we doing it with 3 most of the time :p) when we get to play BGs... Something that you dislike? ... Which is not really often, especially during the week. People camping FP, boats, quest points in low level areas & dungeons entrance (when it's not a fucking raid it's fine), greykillers (mostly Chinese names so far for me). What's missing? More PUGs in BGs & I think Alterac Valley (this BG alone will resolve most of the problems I think) and the actual ranking system. What would you like to see improved? Give BG premades a restriction, only one group of 5 players can queue, and then you fix queueing problems where solo players couldn't join anything, PUGGers facing full premades. Balanced BGs, no more 4vs7, 6vs10... & Control AFKers. Also I know you can't stop people from leaving BGs but I'm talking about people who are still joining when it's already uneven. Any other thoughts / comments / suggestions? Try to bring the late vanilla ranking system in ? (just before TBC released)
  6. People actually looking for challenge are rolling Ally, because no one wants to roll on everything like it's 1vs10. At least that's what I've done. So instead of making it worse try to convert ppl :p
  7. Or you can tell all these morons camping FP & lowbies areas to instead queue for these BGs ? These guys are acting like big boys with their top gears but aren't facing any competitions.
  8. People are getting raped in lower tier BGs and they're not doing that fuzz. And by this I mean that horde is rolling on everything in these lower tiers bg. So we have to be good somewhere.
  9. Hello there, Just a post to underline the fact that the timeline is wrong here : https://elysium-project.org/timeline Unless Elysium & Zeth'Kur are not under the Dire Maul patch. I thought there was a synchronous script that was checking the server's version and updating the graph automaticly, but if you have to do it manually, I think it is time to update it as newcomers are probably interested about knowing the progression is still updated. Thanks for reading me! Cheers.
  10. savage

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    To all the staff, from the bottom of my heart : Thank you. I have been waiting for an opportunity to live this experience again (pre-TBC) and enjoy that awesome content with blizzlike scheduled patch releases. This shows how passionnate you guys are about this version of WoW and for that I'm thanksful. Be sure I'll enjoy every single bit of that great game again and share that awesome feeling with the lads on and outside the server. Keep up the good work.
  11. savage

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    It is a server-side update, we're already on the lastest client pre-TBC.