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  1. getintouch

    Hit cap wrong?

    good to know, thanks. rip the dream of playing with 8% hit unbuffed
  2. getintouch

    Hit cap wrong?

    yeah I'm 100% sure it were misses. Don't have the logs yet but shouldn't be a problem to get them. this would explain it I guess. Anyone can confirm this by looking at the source code?
  3. getintouch

    Hit cap wrong?

    I'm also missing a lot of special attacks ( mortal strikes f.e. ) with 5 % hit in PvP. Never had that issue on a server before or at least not by such a high amount.. it definetly seems kind of fishy to me..
  4. the devs know it - they just dont give a fuck
  5. use Viskag MH and get yourself Mirah's Song or the AV mace as OH
  6. getintouch

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    @Shino what is the symbol for showing that dps mate is synchronised? when the icon is red or when it's green?
  7. Ain't more to say to this topic! Please Elysium stuff listen to the community and make this necessary change to save PvP from extinction!
  8. getintouch

    Fury Bis off hand question

    Just go for Dal'rend comb or get mirah's song for offhand
  9. You serious ? Get real bro.. You have to invest way less time via raids to obtain gear in comparison to the time you need to grind pvp to get gear and that pvp gear even sucks then.. Look at the ppl that stomp you in BG's, they are fully raid geared.. not even PvP geared. You see how ironic that is? In order to shine in PvP you only need a guild that maybe even carries you through their raids without any commitment from your side. That won't happen in a high end pvp premade. If you suck and don't show commitment and skill while fighting other premades you will be swapped out. You are wrong. The only ppl who will now be able to grind their way to r14 are the chinese afk players that play 24/7 and accountshare etc.. The only persons that profit from this change is them!
  10. At this point you really have to ask yourself if the devs even want to keep their servers as lively or just want to cut their pop in half.. ignoring a change that is heavily demanded and requested by the majority of players while also being absolutly reasonable in order to increase the acitivity in a huge aspect of the game ( being PvP ) and instead killing this activity and lowering the reward/time and effort ratio even more with an absolutly retarded change that goes against the whole reason why ppl play WoW vanilla, which is to interact/communicate with other players to achieve high end gear ( being the change in killing prem's in PvP ). Now you can't play with other ppl you like anymore and try to compete with other organized groups but instead can sit in BG's with 90% being afk chinese that play 24/7 making it impossible to achieve a rank higher than maybe 11 without also playing 24/7.. good job Elysium for fucking this up and making us waste a couple of weeks before realizing this change is absolutely retarded and returning back to its original state *thumbs up*
  11. getintouch

    [Spreadsheet] Warrior NAXX/AQ BiS.

    So weapon skill is definetly effecting yellow hits as well and not only white hits?