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  1. Sounds like your video card is overheating. Take it out and blow out the dust / hair / cockroaches with canned air. Don't spin up the fan too much with the air. Other than that, could be a faulty video card. If your monitors plug into the motherboard, blow out the CPU heatsink and check the fans. Maybe you spilled your beer inside your PC, best not to sit your beer on your computer =P Test the memory as well. gooogle how to do this.
  2. foos

    Permadeath Challenge!

    I like doing challenges like these a lot. I always do stuff like this on single player games. I always played HC on diablo 2 and that was very exciting. I don't think wow would be as suitable for this than other games tho. I think wow is designed around too much of a lightweight death penalty and as a result things like potions are helpful, but not as much as they would be if the game was originally designed to be more challenging. For example, limited invulnerability potions give you a small window of escape, but I imagine if wow was more challenging out of the box, then limited invulnerability potions would be more effective, harder and more costly to make, could be used more often, and not cause a cooldown on other potions. I love challenging games though, but there aren't very many and I often intentionally gimp myself to create my own challenges. I think it would be cool though if you got a group of people together all playing permadeath, with no twinking etc. That would be fun. You would really have to prepare for dungeons etc and everyone would be more cautious rather than facerolling a dungeon in 5 minutes.
  3. Greetings. I have found that you can attack other players with impunity within your factions controlled area. When you attack another player with your pet, you are supposed to be flagged for PVP, this is the way I remember it. But in your own controlled area, you can attack the other faction players with your pet and you will not get PVP flagged. I want to submit a bug report about it but I don't have any proof other than memory. Can anyone confirm that this is a bug? I have searched and can't find a bug report about it.
  4. Maybe you shouldn't have bought gold eh? BAN THEM ALL GOLD BUYARS
  5. foos

    Alliance vs Horde (New Player)

    I have multiple toons on both sides. Alliance seems to want to group more IMO. I had easier times getting a group on Alliance.
  6. Toejamtea - Got it. I will immediately send out an APB to all of my affiliate guilds to perma ignore this douche. I guarantee they will all take me seriously on this! Let me also personally apologize for your dissatisfactory experience with your quest! Now go crawl in a hole and drown in your tears you big baby.
  7. foos

    Is there a list of gankers?

    Better add me to the list. I gank all the time. lol Running around slaughtering helpless noobs is pretty funny. Although personally I prefer a challenge. But if you're going to cry about it or somehow expect others to play how you want them to then that is your problem. Good luck with your list lol