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    wtf I hate premades now
  2. most of us did actually. We didnt actually think they would merge tbh. CRASHING THE ELYSIUM DEVILSAUR MAFIA WITH NO SURVIVORS
  3. if people wanted to play on a low pop server that's fine. but the majority of us didnt ask to play on 500 population server
  4. wait Anathema is dying too now? wow.... this can't be happening......... 2500 players now really??
  5. wtf i hate indi too!! ban this guy!! he killed zeth kur, the best server i ever played on!!!!
  6. I am sure Elysium staff is just making sure the server is super blizzlike. Isn't account sharing to get rank 14 is the most vanilla thing to do?
  7. First for <dog guild>!!. Third fasest MC clear on the server. Still looking for Night elf MALE shadow priests to fill our ranks!!!
  8. heh nothin personal kid... *unsheathes skinning dagger.... looks like your devilsaur leathers are all mine now......
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    The Zeth'Kur problem

    Hey I just wanted to voice my opinion. Please do not merge the servers. As I have extreme autism and hate playing with other people. I enjoy leveling up by myself because I actually hate playing MMOs. Also I get to join any raiding guild desperate enough for people regardless of how bad I am(I'm really bad). The only thing wrong with zeth is people like indi spamming world chat and triggering new players such as myself. He must be banned for this. Thank you for your time reading this and take my suggestions and thoughts seriously. Now I am going to play my level 17night elf female hunter with 2 other people in darkshore.