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    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    Well for example if my guildie equips both weapons with his current gear self buffed hawk+TSA. white dmg Rhok is 441-523 Bloodseeker is 483-529 weapon speed normalization doesn't apply to white damage so slower weapons hit harder. Yes Rhok will have higher Yellow hits. White damage is a huge chunk of your dps.
  2. Bloodworks

    problem with SAP!!!

    If you vanish while a npc is sapped it removes the sap
  3. Bloodworks

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Is 40-50% of your damage not a ton lol? You want hit more than crit even after yellow hit cap.. not only because it makes your white damage go up it also increases your crit cap- allowing you to utilize raid buffs more.
  4. Bloodworks

    Crossbow of Imminent Doom vs. Rhok'delar

    The delay is the exact problem. Idk maybe you enjoy clipping but the easiest way to increase your dps is a clean rotation.
  5. Bloodworks

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Any proc enchant on an offhand is severely gimped. The added agility is constant and should provide higher raid dps.
  6. Bloodworks

    [Elysium/ZK] BIS - Current and after AV patch

    It's added in 1.6 bwl patch
  7. Reguarding character names there is probably not a "blanket solution" but I always thought time played as a good factor to start with. A 60 on one server that plays 8hours a day deserves his name more than an alt or player that only logs a few times a month. I don't think its a leap to say it will help with server longevity too.
  8. They are on the same timeline.
  9. That kodo in front is really cute.
  10. Bloodworks

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    What? You gain .04% hit from each skill level above 300. I wouldn't even factor that .2% into your hit %. The point of weapon skill is to push glancing blows off your hit table. So no - you still use your hit gear.