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  1. I guess killerduki char was the only one that didnt get copied over to LH.
  2. lucyfer

    Another AV lose fest

    thing is u only need 3-4 mages on ib gy to wipe all the ally attack, while the same thing doesnt apply to ally defense. Also if the ally would act as horde does and defend each game we would only have 10 hours AVs. Honestly, it is more horde fault, they are just lucky the alliance prefers to lose fast and get 300 rep rather than drag everyone in a 3 hours av. But yea they should fix the backdoor so maybe horde would stop defending and the ally would win more even in pugs.
  3. It was a pretty welcome change, majority of the server is happy with it, no point in reverting it. Get over it. Pretty happy you found a new home in retail wow mahtan, finally we got rid of another drama queen.
  4. lucyfer


    was discussed months ago when they asked the community for suggestions on how improve pvp cuz it sucked. They ended up implementing teh 25 g respec cost, now they are trying another of the suggestions that they got cuz they respec cost reduction wasnt enough. (it surely helped tho). Btw that's why u didnt like the respec red cost mahtan, you dont pvp at all. Try to see things in perspective pls.
  5. lucyfer


    things like that can only happen on darrow mahtan, if u manage to lose vs pugs as a full premade you just suck and should change something in your playstyle/improve coordination etc. Pugs win against premades not even in 5% of the bgs, and im being generous with the %.
  6. lucyfer

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    FINALLY ELYSIUM. THANK YOU. Now it will be possible to que bgs for fun as well, so annoying to have to premade all the time to enjoy some pvp...and anyway premades are only fun when u actually fight other premades...farming pugs is boring as hell. Please dont let ppl stop you from going on with this change. Bring it to elysium pvp as well. Another step in the right direction for a more enjoyable pvp.
  7. lucyfer

    Thehammr Orc Warrior

    It's pretty common to ml a boss if u reserved an item honestly. Even tho baron is always tricky could the mount could drop. But since u're horde who cares about baron mount. Dont understand you guys:D
  8. lucyfer

    Zeth x-fer

    tbh you should have checked the reddit/website at least once in the past month. if u didnt, it's your fault im afraid, u had plenty of time. Also your friends could have warned you...if they didnt...well it's not the devs fault.
  9. lucyfer

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    cmon, lower the respec costs to 5-10 g, you already nerfed all the blizzlike op farming spots. This won't really hurt the server in any significant means. But it would make a lot of ppl enjoy casual pvp. right now they cant. It's an easy change to do.
  10. lucyfer

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    -5 or 10 g respec cost cap. OR (even better) add dual spec as a one time buy (e.g 500 g per char). As they did on warmane tbc. It can be done. -offer a one time faction change horde to alliance to shorten bg que times. (hard to do i guess, just suggesting). -increase the slots cap for ranking gear, making it just a bit easier to obtain (without trivializing it). -buff blue pvp gear (atm it's a joke honestly). -cap the number of players that cant que together for bgs (5 man groups only, no raids allowed) Honestly all the arguments against unblizzlike changes are super flawed imo. blizzard introduced 5 man bg cap in tbc or wotlk or cata i dont remember (prolly wotlk). Blizzard introduced dual spec specialization. respec cost were reduced (indirectly, keeping them at 50 g cap even in later expansions with gold inflated). Let's face it, vanilla wow had many flaws, the only reason why blizzard didnt fix/introduced these things before is their lack of experience, and because they focused on other aspects of the game. Some things were just dumb. And are so easily exploitable by 2017 players that you can clearly see the results... this thread. People that cant see this are merely short-sighted imo. None is asking you to introduce lfr/lfg or pet battles or pandas or other stupid shit that made the game lose its charm. All I am proposing are just reasonable changes imo.
  11. ill ask again, hopefully a gm can clarify it for me. Are we allowed to transfer different chars from the same acc to different realms? By completing a different quest on each char? is there a minimum level requirement to complete those quests? thanks.
  12. so, let's see if I understood correctly. Are you saying that we can transfer different characters from the same account to different realms? Say I have 2 lvl 60s on zeth kur. If i complete the q for ely on the 60 mage, and the q for darrow on the 60 warlock....do I get them transferred to different realms? And my remaining toons ( on which I didnt do any quest) do get transfered to anathema? Let me know pls:P
  13. lucyfer

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    updates on zeth'kur transfers? You said u would say something about it on 24/05 right?
  14. lucyfer

    About the ZK Transfer

    Seriously, stop lying. those 300 g some ppl worked so hard for will gain value as the "prices crash", instead of being able to buy 60 elemental fire let's say, they will be able to buy 100, so it's all good for them. You guys of the devilsaur mafia are scared to death from this transfer: look at you jindo, after 15 mins the announcement about the transfer was made u had already made your first (but not last) post in the forum demanding for item deletion. And u keep crying about it again and again. This is because you know that if the market in ely is flooded with zeth kur DEVILSAUR LEATHER, ur exploiting organization is done. Ur source for easy money will die,or at best u will lose thousands upon thousands of gold. That's why the only guys crying on the forum about it are the mafia guys. "the mafia would benefit from this", bullshit. Yes u will be able to stack consumables since u probably have a lot of cash stored, yes u will be able to make a profit on it, but the gold u will gain from this source isnt even comparable to the gold u will lose if ur mafia dies. Have fun convincing ur guys to lockdown farm un'goro for months waiting for the zeth kur supply to be absorbed, never knowing if there's some guy from zeth still saving some leathers to undercut you in the ah when u dont expect it. Or you could try to buy all the zeth leathers, hoping that there will still be some demand to make u break even or overcome the losses that this will bring to your finances. Zeth kur bringing their consumables will just improve the conditions of ALL the players on elysium except the mafia, because ur source of money comes from the fact that u're able to cut off the supply for one particular kind of goods, effectively controlling the prices and giving you the monopoly of the devilsaur market. You will not be able to cut off zeth kur devilsaur supply therefore as a consequence this will lead ur monopoly to ruin and heavily damage your gainings (at best). Just be content with what u gained so far, would you seriously hurt so bad the in-game economic situation of 1k+ guys from zeth kur just to protect ur shady little cartel? Are you seriously so selfish? dont u think u have already damaged enough the economy of elysium?
  15. lucyfer

    About the ZK Transfer

    u're confirming only mafia members are crying for item deletion...guess why? U're also the reason why ely is so toxic. Seriously guys, u're like a plague affecting this servers. If only the admins had the balls to purge you all the whole project would benefit from it. Alas they dont. Now stop crying pls.