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    Raiding Hemo Rogue

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news man, but there isn't really a discussion to be had here. Hemo is a PvP spec. That is why people choose the gear they do. No serious raiding guild will ever allow a hemo rogue in the raid for 2 simple reasons. 1. DPS is poor. 2. Hemo takes up a debuff slot that could be used for something else much more beneficial.
  2. Kazic

    Seal Fate + Ruthlessness

    So the tool tip for seal fate says "your abilities that add combo points have x% chance to add an additional combo point on crits." So on a ruthlessness proc, eviscerate adds 1 combo point, so seems like that would qualify as "an ability that adds combo point" I remember back in retail I would get 2 combo points on an eviscerate crit + ruthlessness proc, just can't remember if I always got 2 or sometimes only got 1.
  3. Kazic

    Best offhand weapon

    If the attack is a glancing blow it will not crit during felstriker proc, because by definition a glancing blow can not crit. So over the long run, only 60% of your normal attacks during felstriker will crit. It last for 3 seconds, so you're looking at probably 1 backstab during the effect. So really not that great.
  4. Kazic

    Combat dagger rotation

    First, did you pick up relentless strikes in assassination? I've seen some rogues choose 5/5 lethality without relentless strikes which is a huge mistake. Your problem is your rotation though. Eviscerate should not be part of your normal rotation. The only time you should ever eviscerate is during adrenaline rush. Combat daggers is most effective when 100% of your energy is used to backstab. Your base rotation should just be BSx5 then 5pt SnD. You can open a few different ways, either BSx2 then AR>SnD or BSx1>SnD>AR or BSx2>Thistle tea>BSx1>SnD>AR. Basically you want to get SnD up as quick as possible then get into AR. AR will let you get enough combo points for a 5pt SnD and from there you should only ever do 5pt SnD for finishers, except maybe right as the boss is about to die you can dump combo points with eviscerate. Hope this helps
  5. Kazic

    Seal Fate + Ruthlessness

    Was wondering if anyone could clarify if this is working correctly. With 5/5 Seal Fate and 3/3 Ruthlessness, when I get an eviscerate crit and ruthlessness procs, sometimes it awards two combo points but sometimes it only awards one. If Ruthlessness procs on a crit, should it be awarding two combo points every time? Or do I just get two 60% chances for a combo point, which is why sometimes it's one and sometimes it's two?
  6. Kazic

    8/8 vs BoSF

    When you say there's very little difference, are you referring to the difference between 8 piece proc being nerfed vs being fixed, as in either way it does less damage now? Or are you saying there is very little difference between the pre-fix proc rate and the post-fix proc rate? Also for a human sword rogue using Vis'Kag/Hakkari OH, Ony necklace, and DFT+HoJ, would it be better to use 8/8 T2 or 5/8 T2, T1 gloves/shoulders and the ZG hit boots? Any input is greatly appreciated.