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  1. Yes I had the same problem, you can try to speak with Jorah Annison in UC, she sends you to Ratchet with the quest "tome of the cabal"
  2. Halens


    I meant it is no real pathing issues in the pvp battlegrounds if you accept certain wall jumps as legal. Meles are good for battlegrounds exept when its heavy lag- I don't know whats gonna happend in the near future other then whats on the timeline, maybe you can find some info under the "change log and development" part of this forum if it is any pathing issues and if they are beeing worked on,
  3. Halens


    Pathfinding is good in my experience compared to my previous servers, I play lock and its normal for atleast one of my pet to bug out in battlegrounds while It moves because of pathfinding issues but not here exept some places in AV. Some trees and object you can target throu while some you can't
  4. Halens

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Its not importain with a good wepon while leveling as a caster, you wont save massive of time vs just using the latest staff you got from quest, but there is a nice lvl 22 staff with 14 or 22 shadow dmg called staff of shades or something, normaly around 10g, I used it from 22 to 60. You can also get a decent staff from blackfatorm dept/shadowfang keep lock class quest (pick up in middle barrens if horde), around 35 you get a nice offhand from classquest you can use with a dagger with shadow dmg or stamina (or the one from SM libary), then its a nice staff from hakkar in sunken temple or if your rich and leveling an alt the best is staff of jordan (about 300g) . Just have a lookout for wepons/armor with shadowspell dmg or called "off stamina" or "of the eagle" if you want to have the best gear for your level, you can buy some since you don't have to pay for mount but imo just do the classquest in your early 30's for Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe then use the gold on shadoweave head/shoulders/gloves/legs around level 40 and try to stack stamina on the rest of your gear, but overall it won't make a big differeence on your time played to 60
  5. Halens


    https://pastebin.com/v0f83deX ^ pvp guide vs all classes
  6. Halens

    The Broken Succubus

    For me on ZK this is also happening, but a easy fix working for me is just to press ctrl+2 to make her follow you when she is stuck and she comes, then you seduse target again when in range
  7. Halens

    About the ZK Transfer

    Tell me, what is all these mats they can bring over and make a profit? I just did a check on these items: Herbs - Cheaper on elysium Ore - Cheaper on elysium Mooncloth - cheaper on elysium Pristine black diamond - cheaper on elysium Righteous orb - Cheaper on elysium Leather - Cheaper on elysium Enchant mats - Cheaper on elysium Arcane crystal - same price Devilsaur leather - 10g more on elysium Libram of Constitution - same price Dire maul librams - same price All cloths - cheaper on elysium elemental fire - 2g more on elysium Yes easier to farm stuff on ZK no doubt, but I would think that most people are not bringing over a ton of stuff as you guys belive, yes some people are farming up stuff right now, but fewer then what this topic makes it out to be.. Personaly I will bring over 50+ elemental fires, but that is for me and not to sell and make profit on, and if say it comes 3000 devilsaur leathers over that crashes the prices for a month, would that be so horrible for the average player? And sure some people are propably stocking up on Black lotuses, but again, does it hurt the average player if they go for 50 gold instead of 120? A few people will be rich, but its always someone richer then you anyway...
  8. Halens

    Warlocks Dreadsteed quest

    Just read the comments in some of the other delivery quests, they all refer to it beeing changed in TBC. but sure, go ahead and wait and see if it changes in 1.4, and if not then wait for 1.6 and then 1.7 etc...
  9. Halens

    Warlocks Dreadsteed quest

    I think not before TBC, but could be wrong Edit: seems it changes in patch 2.2, so not before TBC .. that info I have from comment here: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7630#wh-comments so can still be wrong, but im pretty sure it stays 3 during vanilla
  10. Halens

    <NA> honor farm

    I see you skipped the part were we wiped you at BRM entrance 5 min after when we were buffed up and prepared, but took us by suprise here, gg wp ;) Mostly EU guild
  11. Halens

    Honor system

    With a low playing pool standing 123 is not great, see post above, alot of your honor went away with decay.
  12. I ment agreement between the hordes that vs warpath we loose in 7 min, not a tradewins agreement between allies and hordes. And good your enjoing yourself away from this server Tuko, your not missing out on much and I agree with you on some points, but then again your obviously mad over this still and say whole server doesen't deserve merge? and you forget to mention most of the pvpers put you on ignore after first AB weekend were you did alot of wrong calls, i don't think you didnt want to be a part of it, you simply were pushed out. #merge #merge #merge
  13. yea julian, but my point is 1 month ago horde had some kinda agreement we afk vs warpath but other premaids we try to play and then won maybe 40-50% of pugs vs semi-premaid. you guys fucking afk vs ally pugs with only 1 healer. You don't need to be a brain doctor to know 1 quick loss is more honor then 1 hour turtle game, but some of you are giving up after first battle were you do absolutley nothing and then just afk at gy talking shit. For us playing for fun and not max/honor per hour this just make us leave pvp-- like for me it seems you join pugs just to make us loose, because funny enough we win more games without any of the highrankers and that just does not make sense. and btw, you, caber and the rush guild are alright, but ppl from sos-brigade espessialy one shaman and a shadowpriest have always been useless in pugs and now they even afk without trying at all, sitting on gy flaming the rest.
  14. Halens

    Throwing in the Towel

    nooo Bubba, atleast join me at LM for AB weekends