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  1. Hey folks, First of all let me say that i've been using this Ui for some months now and i can only praise the awesome job you've done with it. I come with a question, a very disturbing one! :P While playing a warrior, when you change stance, one of the action bars is bound to that stance, meaning the bar will change along with the stance. Is it possible to make another action bar have the same behaviour as that one? Thanks!
  2. For ppl like me, that played retail since vanilla, the concept may be a bit forgotten it's true. But guilds should indeed be for more than just raiding in vanilla :)
  3. On topic, the levelling experience i had in Elysium tainted my enjoyment in vanilla. I think some of you are missing the point, the question isn't how many modern servers and/or bandwidth actually support. For me, and apparently others, the question is after how many the servers just feel too crowded and have a negative impact in you gaming experience. I don't want to run around in Redshires with 500 other players levelling, the game wasn't designed with that in mind, the resources, the npcs, the spawned quest items were designed to have less ppl than that, at least i feel that way. And having started a new char on Anathema a few weeks ago has only strenghtened this belief i have, it has been way more pleasing, you still have several folks in your lvl range (a few more wouldnt hurt thought) and the gaming experience has just been better overall. A solution for this? In my eyes it would be to cap servers at a number around 3-4k, this way also allowing population to ballance evenly throughout the available realms. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Stoic

    Brutal Armor Warrior Quest

    Solved it by dropping quest and taking it again (while praying that none of the quest items just disappeared). Thanks anyway
  5. Hi, Quest seems to be bugged. I have all the items in my bag but the question mark on the NPC is still grey and he doesnt allow me to complete it. Thanks
  6. Stoic

    Lupos vs BT

    It took me 3-4 days to find him and tame him at lvl 40ish, and there was almost always some ppl there with me wayting for the spawn.