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    BM DPS in dungeons?

    Welcome to hunters. Rank 1 multi and you'll be fine. I leveled MM and used Aimed and Multi on CD. See Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux] thread, section 3.2.3 for details.
  2. Forgot_Password

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Great, happy to hear. Hmu if you need anything else :p
  3. Forgot_Password

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Oh, that one, from the Deterrence macro! Right? Hang on. Here you go: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Queriable_buff_effects The first part with "Interface\\Icons\\Ability_Hunter_AspectOfTheMonkey" must be changed to the icon of Hawk or Cheetah. Those effects are as follows: Spell_Nature_RavenForm Ability_Mount_JungleTiger It identifies the buff from the icon it has. Those are the icon names for Hawk and Cheetah respectively. Remember to also change the CastSpellByName entry to Aspect of the Hawk or Aspect of the Cheetah! Hope that helps!
  4. Forgot_Password

    Forgot password, can't seem to contact mods.

    Naww, the browser was reset. Cache, history, etc. 'S why I got logged out :p So, y'know, I'm askin' here in case any Elysium mods or something can help me out 'cause, y'know, I needa work on my threads.
  5. Forgot_Password

    Forgot password, can't seem to contact mods.

    I mean my forum account, sorry for the confusion. Those addresses aren't blacklisted, so idk what's up :c
  6. Hi. Raziya here. I tried submitting a password reset request, but I never got an e-mail. This was attempted multiple times. I attempted sending an e-mail to the support team via some contact I don't remember, but I haven't gotten a password reset e-mail then either. Could one of the mods help me? I seem to be able to post here on this new account, so hopefully folks can see this. Thanks.
  7. Forgot_Password

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Hey! Sorry about the long reply time, I haven't been able to log in to the forums for obvious reasons. >.> A macro for Hawk and Cheetah? Sure, let's see... you probably won't want the distance one, you'll want the toggle between one... oh, but I should mention that toggling between Cheetah and Hawk can be impractical. Toggling Cheetah on and off by itself won't use too much mana and will prevent a global cooldown. Try it yourself - toggle between Cheetah and Hawk like three times, then try toggling Cheetah on and off by itself five times. Lots of mana lost, lots of GCDs. It may be preferable to simply toggle Cheetah on and off as needed, and swap back to hawk when you're confident you won't need Cheetah anymore! Nevertheless, here's the macro you asked for, and I tested it myself in-game: It worked for me, so I hope it helps you. I'm gonna go talk to the mods about my account. ...oh, dear, someone else posted something too. Hang on... Hey, that macro toggles auto attack off. Sorry about that. I did a quick patch job on it just now, and tested it. Here it is: The first line is meant to show the cooldown of Raptor Strike. It does not actually cast Raptor Strike, because X is never defined. The second line will turn auto attack on and prevent it from being toggled off. Just like the Auto Shot macro, you must change the "10" to wherever you have Raptor Strike on your bars. If you need a reference, here it is: http://i.imgur.com/VGArn.jpg The third line enables Raptor Strike. If this line is placed first, it will prevent Auto Attack from staying on entirely. The fourth line prioritizes Counterattack, if it's available, over Mongoose Bite. The fifth line will cast Mongoose Bite if it's available. It worked for me, so I hope it helps you. NOW I'm gonna go talk to the mods about my account...