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  1. So I wait for 1.7 and should be able to pick it up a new? if not, do I reply here or make a new post? Appreciate the swift responses! Regards
  2. But, how could I have obtained it and then it suddenly ir was gone again and the quest itself, not obtainable? and isn't the ap trinket available?
  3. I eventually picked up "The active agent" in eastern plague lands and after a 1 day it had disappeared from my log. I imagined I had abandoned it by mistake and went to get it again at Light's Hope. When I arrived the quest giver (or any npc for that matter) wouldn't give it to me. I contacted GMs twice and was encouraged to delete wba folder which resulted in nothing. still can't get the quest and the rune of dawn. Server: Elysium PvP Character: Morke Hope you can provide me with the quest, fix npc or tell me what's going on.. Regards!