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    Warrior Question

    In Vanilla, I played an Undead Warrior and enjoyed it immensely. I made it to rank 13 in PVP and even OT for instances and raids. My group of buddies is playing alliance and honestly, I could not fill a bucket with the knowledge I have of the racial and spec combos for the Alliance side. I know in vanilla that the combos mean more, but are there really any bad combos for warriors on the alliance side as a warrior? I will probably PVP and then off tank again, but I just see people post that humans are the only options. Are gnomes bad as well as night elves? What are you opinions and how do you all feel about it. (Yes, I know gnomes get the bashing always, but in serious talk please) Thank you.
  2. SKSPlays

    Raiding as a casual player?

    This post is so accurate to how modern day retail is. LOL Its a give everyone everything fest.
  3. SKSPlays

    Missing quests?

    I just got over the 40 bump and feel like many quests in that range are not around. Its a very grindy period for me right now due to that.
  4. Just want to thank the Hordies and Alliance alike who helped me out the other day in Arathi Highlands. As a Warrior, obviously I have to head there to farm 8 charms of various elementals. Upon arriving at the water ones, I started farming and allocated about 2 of them. A mage walked up to me and goes, "How Many?" I said I needed six more. Boom. Trade initiated and and I was given six for nothing in return. Bless you. I head over to the Air Elementals. Here, there are two alliance and one horde farming. They obviously known what I am doing and we take turns killing. The drop rate here for them was very fast and I was out in record time surprisingly. I then head over to the Fire elemental area. Here there are two alliance members farming them and I worried because they were higher level. I again assume they knew my mission. After killing a few mobs, I noticed that they started bringing me elementals. They would get aggro, then bring them to me so I could tag them and get the kill. They even helped me. Again, this was a tremendous pace at attaining my 8. Thank you so much for those involved. I do not want to throw names out because well, they would probably call for some sort of crap being drawn from your respected sides, but thank you nonetheless. It was super appreciated.:) This is the vanilla wow I remember back in the day. There is always a time to be enemies and a time to help those out. Awesome stuff.
  5. So if hes camping him when hes lower leveled, how can he ever get up to having better gear if hes being stalked for hours?
  6. Put a group together. Start chugging. You have to start somewhere. Nothing in vanilla is given. You have to earn it.
  7. SKSPlays

    The Summoning Stones

    I feel like I am having a Mendala effect issue. I swear that even with the patch notes being out there, summoning stones worked pre TBC. Lord. Is this what old feels like?
  8. The only point OP made that was valid is the fact that people cry Blizzlike but yet there are no surprises. EVERYONE knows exactly what to go after, what to farm, and what to try to control. They do and should manipulate the game somewhat to help curb that.
  9. Comcast likes to scare people. My cousin gets letters like this all the time and they have never done anything to him. That is over the course of 6 years or so.
  10. SKSPlays

    Elysium server is not PvP...

    This is the most incorrect statement ever. Even on my server in Vanilla, we had a low population and were outnumbered by the Alliance 25/75 and we had 2-3 premade horde PVP groups going. You obviously have no idea what it was like back then.
  11. SKSPlays

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    Agree. I thoroughly enjoy my time on Darrowshire. I have had so many vanilla like moments on that. The community for the most part is amazing. All servers have a few turds, but you move on. It should not be destroyed because a few people voice their opinions on the forums.
  12. SKSPlays

    Item Drop Rate in Group

    RNGesus blesses though who help others in their endeavors.
  13. SKSPlays

    fishing schools?

    Ive not seen a single fish pool since I started playing. Level 32 now. I just figured they were not implemented on Darrowshire server.
  14. SKSPlays

    new player

    Either help the side that needs it or add to the unbalance.
  15. SKSPlays

    Just saying hi

    Good luck. The warrior leveling can try your patience but pays off in the end.
  16. SKSPlays

    horde newbie guilds

    You've uped your game from red arrows. We shall watch your career with great interest...
  17. This needs bumped because this is pretty epic.
  18. Yes, even on the same server you could have toons on both sides. Its how those of us in PVP guilds would jump over and talk to the other side after an amazing BG or something of the sort.
  19. Why!! Why must math always ruin people's posts. LOL
  20. SKSPlays

    Warrior as first character

    Ive leveled a warrior in Vanilla to 60, Nost to 60, and now I am doing a 3rd on this version of the game. It takes time, but a warrior class must know how to use its abilities. You will die, you will die alot, but you will know your warrior by the time you get to 60. Its an amazing class and yes, its looked upon as either Tank or DPS if that is needed. Tanking will grow on you. I used to hate it, went to rank 13 in PVP back in the day, but I evolved into a tank which I love to this day. Just remember to have fun with it. :)
  21. Because if you take a look not all do the A or H thing. So since they are unable to do so, dividing it helps.
  22. They cannot do that until level 10 right? 2 came back in stream saying they created characters, but I was streaming so I couldnt really double check everything for fact. lol
  23. Anyone on here play on the old school Elune Server? I always like to check.... Just to see if any of my previous life before adulthood existed.
  24. SKSPlays

    Old School Elune

    Um, Elune was one of the original servers on Vanilla WoW. It was a tragic server which was like 80% Alliance. lol