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  1. acssix

    Ragnaros no loot

    pls help us fix this problem
  2. acssix

    Ragnaros no loot

    sorry to bother you ,can we get back the drop of gears? its the frist time our guild down this boss ,we tried so hard and spend alot of time did this.tx for your help anyway.
  3. acssix

    Ragnaros no loot

  4. acssix


    敬爱的中文GM,我们工会<the lost time>服务器时间3月25日3:30PM 打掉了MC拉格纳罗斯,但是只有G掉落,没出装备。副本ID 17905. 有图有真相。 请帮忙解决问题。 游戏ID:ACSSIX
  5. acssix

    Ragnaros no loot

    PLS contact me in game .game name Acssix
  6. acssix

    Ragnaros no loot

    Our guild <The lost time>first time down Ragnaros ,server time 3/25 3:30PM. the boss only drops gold ,there is no loot ,i think its bugged .pls check it RAID ID :17905