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  1. 19471% Sure it, although our murloc team has been known to be a little late on delivering things.
  2. September 13th, 2005 after the scheduled maintenance.
  3. I have reached out to both guilds and have discussed what was needed. I am locking this thread.
  4. I have reached out to both guilds and have discussed what was needed. I am locking this thread.
  5. Please, lets not make this a discussion over them and us. I am personally investigating this issue with another fellow GM and we will conclude this by the time given by AshCM. Thank you!
  6. We are investigating this issue, I ask that you please be patient with us. I understand this does impact your raiding, and do apologise in advance for this.
  7. Indormi

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    Note: This doesnt include the Blue sets.... Only the PvP sets that share the item numbers with the updated sets.
  8. Indormi

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    There was some confusion with the release of the statement I had received.... But, for clarification... When the PvP gear receives the Update, any player who has purchased it will still have their items updated if they purchased it prior. However, with that said you will need to be Rank 14 at the time of the update to purchase the items if you have not done as already... Or you will need to re-rank back to Rank 14. I have edited my previous statement... thank you.
  9. You complain about the respec cost... but not the population of the server.... Both of which arent fully Blizzlike... Very ironic.
  10. Indormi

    Fire Festival

    We are aware of this issue, and have no update to give at this time.
  11. Indormi

    Looking for Opinions

    Druids are alright. I played Priest in vanilla, but Paladin is by far the strongest healer early on I believe.
  12. Indormi

    FP Grief is Fun

    If any player feels that the flight point has been bugged out by another player I 100% encourage you to open a ticket. We have GMs on all 4 servers actively online, and we will look into it. I ask that you give detailed information, you can include player names to be investigated, times, dates, locations, and also if you have video evidences (which are used exactly as being witnessed by a GM) when it occurs. We will investigate, and appropriately take action. Any "ABUSE" of any bug in game regardless of what it is is against the rules. I wish you all to have fun, and enjoy the game to its fullest, but do so in an appropriate way.
  13. Indormi

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    The PvP gear originally was updated on all purchased items and at the vendor on Retail. . You must be Rank 14 at the time of purchase to obtain the new PvP Weapons / Gear updates This gear will be Updated at the Vendor... As well as the items in your inventory You are welcome to PvP and obtain the PvP gear currently obtainable if you so wish to do so, bare in mind that you will not be able to purchase the updated items in 1.9 without physically being "RANK 14" at the time of purchase. You must Maintain that rank to do so.
  14. We encourage players to be mindful who they entrust things to. You should ONLY give expensive materials for crafting (or anything that would require you to trade expensive items to another) to players you fully trust. I recommend Guild Members or Personal friends. You take a risk when you trade between players you are unfamiliar with. As unfortunate as this is, the GM team is unable to restore items that are stolen as we would be not only be duplicating items and indirectly causing inflation, but we would be EXTREMELY overwhelmed with restoration of thefts and investigations of said thefts. Please only use those you trust... I do apologize, and wish you the best of luck!
  15. Indormi

    FP Grief is Fun

    I am going to Chime in on this, as I know how he is achieving the removal of the FP Masters.... Doing this is an Abuse of a bug... you are aware of what is being done, how you're achieving it,, and that the FP Master bugs out. I just want to remind players that abusing in game bugs is against the TOU... There is no excuse to abuse bugs within the game and all who are caught will be reprimanded appropriately. Id recommend avoiding doing things such as this or you will face the GMs for your actions... You are most welcome to farm and camp FP Masters and kill them... Or kill players at FPs, but bugging them out, completely disabling the FP by getting them stuck and unable to return to their posts is against the rules...