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  1. yourcontentwillneed

    Fresh Realm Release: Nighthaven PvP

    How are there people in here talking about "30 people online anathema.." etc? Do you live in a cave where the only website you can access is this one and you have literally 0 communication besides these forums?
  2. yourcontentwillneed

    DPSMate - A combat analyzation tool

    Is there any reason you show DPS to the left of the total when the retail addon ur emulating doesnt even do that? why would i want to see (900 dps) 52131 doesnt even make sense
  3. yourcontentwillneed


    why is skipping kromcrush with feigndeath any different than skipping emperors room? you can't make up these rules yourself, its either allowed to use feign death to skip parts of a dungeon or it isnt, make up your mind players shouldnt need a 500 page rulebook stating which exact scenario is allowed and isn't just to avoid getting banned
  4. yourcontentwillneed

    Thehammr Orc Warrior

    2 cape rollers attempt to ninja reversed cape from tank but are cucked by masterloot rofl kys
  5. yourcontentwillneed

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    truth hurts doesnt it ape
  6. yourcontentwillneed

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    ? Who even are you? rofl im not surprised ur some cartel shit tho, the cartel was a complete shittier zerg on nost just like the cartel ur in on elysium is invite every1 u can to it, where no1 is friends and as soon as ur contested zerg the entire zone with 30 ppl, never having a single fair fight in ur entire life the mafia was like 10-15 ppl and ur shit cartel was like 50 terrible americans and the dreamstate cucks and u still lost over and over kys
  7. yourcontentwillneed

    Hello Mafia, Good Bye Mafia.

    It's funny you act like this mafia is anything close to vathdars mafia on nost this mafia is filled with trash kids and openly recruits any grp who might have a chance of putting up resistance, the only ppl not in are the fringe losers with no crew of their own in the game anyways vathdars mafia didnt invite every random shit who came to ungoro so there was so many guilds especially on the horde who wanted to farm but were unable, which ended in them making a resistance this shit is just a joke, sad 2 see it even compared to what me and vathdar started on nost
  8. yourcontentwillneed

    <Scuba Cops> Real #1 NA -Recruiting 15/15 Naxx.

    So glad Nano could come back to the game after his trouble with the PI and join you guys for this kill. Congrats.
  9. yourcontentwillneed

    End of War Effort on April 19th!

    Took long enough. The server died during this war effort and there is no denying it.
  10. replying to each and every comment explaining exactly how each one made u feel r u in ur 70s bro?
  11. excellent play from nano there, did a total of about 300 dmg completely lost player
  12. yourcontentwillneed

    So, let's talk about the War Efforts

    I feel bad for people that didn't see this coming honestly. *Some* guilds knew what was in store for this server and dipped out 3-4 days after the War Effort #s were first seen. Why would the ELYSIUM-PROJECT give a shit about ANATHEMA? They don't care about the old Nostalrius server at all and it's been extremely evident since the first day. Welcome to the Elysium Project, we hope you enjoy our server.