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    this shit is still bugged, pls fix
  2. you're exactly right. It is meant to stun within proximity of the target, I called it character arrival at target to keep it simple. yeah It is actually a very game changing mechanic. Having a rogue be able to gouge/kidney shot you before you can spend a global out of your own intercept stun because intercept stun has already expired, etc, is pretty game breaking
  3. is it a known issue? I tried searching but couldn't find anything.
  4. Have you ever seen a warrior trying to charge someone on a mount? This is the exact scenario that plays out.
  5. Very simply, Charge/intercept aren't functioning as intended on Elysium. The stun is activating on spell cast and is functioning like a ranged stun, rather than stunning upon character arrival at target, as per intended. So it is functioning backwards, stunning first and moving later, instead of moving first and stunning later. This is why charge feels so "off" from what you are used too. You can also watch some old classic warrior pvp videos and it is extremely obvious. This creates a lot of problems for warriors. The biggest issue is exasperated and is clearly seen when charging/intercept at maximum distance. The stun will activate on spell cast and would have expired before you even get to the target, your character is also then "stuck" in charge animation for 2 seconds whilst the target itself is free. Not to sure where I should have put this, Thanks! *Edit, I wasn't referring to Elysium the server specifically, but the project in general