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  1. Depends what they did I guess. Goldsellers should be permanenet yes. People doing minor exploits or just being d*cks don't always deserve a perm ban though.
  2. PeterGryphon


    As above, AH takes a 15% cut, but it's allowed now and works (I've done it)
  3. Hmm a nice idea. A slight tweak though maybe... instead of repeating the same spammy message. Instead report the players as they are banned and why. For example: Player: <character name> has been suspended for <x no, of days> for <violation>. Seeing players punished in real time would discourage everyone from unwanted behaviour even more, no?
  4. Someone needs a hug.
  5. Not random people, just people who exploit in online games and then come onto the forums for attention when they are banned.
  6. PeterGryphon

    How can we stop the spam?

    If they were going to do this, they would of already done it. 2FA makes it the perfect system. If an account is stolen, admins can see the login IP on the account has changed and ban all assoicated accounts to the new IP. If 2FA is later enabled on the stolen account, it can be unbanned and the IP checked to ensure it's back with the original owner. Admins have full server access, goldesellers are only here because they are allowed to be here at the end of the day..
  7. This. They only know the files have a different checksum and have been changed, which is the exact reason they forbid it. Even if they could check, why should they? They made the rule very clear. DO NOT modify the game files in ANY way, if you do = ban. Not only did you modify the game files, but you then taunted the admins with it. What did you expect them to do? Slap you on the wrist. gtfo. As for all those having problems with wives, guys: Wow is 16 years old, spend some time with your ladies, before they decide not to be your ladies anymore!
  8. Modifying game files in any way has a zero tolerence policy here and correctly so. Admins do not know how people have altered game files, only that they have been changed. Instant and perm ban. This is very clear in the TOU here. As for the OP here, you knew it was an exploit when you did it. I personally think your punishment is fair as well. Fine job admins.
  9. This. Stop moaning and take your lunps OP. 4 days isn't the end of the world. Quit QQ.
  10. PeterGryphon

    How can we stop the spam?

    I used to run a game server for about 700 people and banning IP addresses is not the way to go here. What you want is a system that records the IP address of logins and then automatically flags all accounts related to it. So for example, you find a known goldseller with a static IP, you automatically flag and ban ALL his accounts in one swift ban and every future account he creates from that IP. They fade away fairly quickly with a system like this in place, and this is very easy to setup and monitor. Draw your own conclusions as to why goldselles here are such a problem and yet any player cheating or modifying game files is swiftly banned.
  11. PeterGryphon

    gm indormi oblivious to tos???

    Why don't you just get a life OP. It's one thing doing this for a reason, but it's not right when you just target some random you don't even know like this. The poor kid probably just wants to play in peace.
  12. Elysium servers aim for blizzlike. Why are you suggesting something blizz never did? There are private servers out there that do custom content like this, but this clearly isn't one of them.
  13. PeterGryphon

    I was away 2 days and some1 stole my gold

    There is no help I'm afraid. All you can do is enable 2fa so it doesn't happen again. Admins will not restore your lost gold. Have you played on other private servers using the same login details you used here? That's normally how you get hacked, there have been various leaks on other servers (none here as far as anyone knows)
  14. PeterGryphon

    Protect the Flight Masters

    One word. Darrowshire.
  15. PeterGryphon

    Can not start the game

    Hi Veronica, Yes, this is just the forums. You need to go create your game account here: https://elysium-project.org/play Also be sure to change your realmlist before opening the game. (instructions to do so are on the right side of the screen at the link above) Any more problems after doing this, come back :)