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  1. JanK

    Which Prot Pala AOE 60 Farm Build?

    Thanks killerduki
  2. JanK

    Which Prot Pala AOE 60 Farm Build?

    Thanks for your answer. I think i will drop my healing plans, so i'll take Jeddite's build. The purw soloing build from Killerduki is interestering but i', really used to Reckoning. One last question: Why 1 point in Deflection? Wouldn't Toughness be the better choice?
  3. Hi Guys, just dinged 60 and wonder what would be the best build for farming, soloing and tanking 5mans. I'm prot specced since lvl30 so i think this is the base build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxuZVhxIzzvo (Lvl54) Spiritual Focus and Healing Light are both a must for soloing. But where to put the remaining 6 points? 5 Divine Strength & 1 One Handed Weapon Specialization (last point) 5 Improved Seal of the Righteousness & 1 One Handed Weapon Specialization (last point) 5 Illumination & 1 Divine Strength Illumination is not that good soloing talent, but i'm thinking to get some heal gear and start healing. What do you think?
  4. Hi folks, i'm 11/31/0 skilled, 5/5 reckoning for questing, AOE farming and dungeon tanking. I'm currently using Hanzo Sword with the Fiery Blaze quest enchant. Now i've got Axe of the Deep Woods (would enchant it with Fiery Weapon). I could sell the Axe for maybe 30-35G and the enchant would cost around 20g. I'm unsure if i should switch. Hanzo is faster, but Axe does more damage. Regards, Jan
  5. JanK

    Newbie Paladin player questions

    For leveling and 60 AOE grinding use this builds: Level 20: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxxz Divine Strength: Because there are very few +int mail/plate items while leveling. You can respec at 60 to Divine Intellect. Spiritual Focus: Way more useful while soloing than Improved SotR. Consecration: You need it for tanking 5-mans Level 51: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxxzZVhhIczyo Blessings of Kings: No need. You will use Blessing of Wisdom and at lvl 41 Blessing of Sanctuary Improved Hammer of Justice: Need a break while soloing for a heal or need to stun runners? This is it. Anticipation: NEVER! While leveling you want to be crited because of Redoubt & Reckoning. Toughness & Shield Specialization: Shift point between these talents as you will. Reckoning: A MUST!. Sit/Reck combos are your best friends for dps/mana/heal (depends on your seal) After lvl 51: Feel free to put your 9 points where ever you like. More dps/mana effeciency in the ret tree. More utilities in the prot tree. More healing in the holy tree. And please read the really usefull tips from Saned https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/48100-prot-pala-grinding-spots/ Prot only shines with the right gear (weapons, trinkets, enchantments)
  6. JanK

    Leveling spec for duoing with a Warrior?

    Warriors: Solo leveling is a pita. Together with a healer, they rock. So go full holy till Holy Shock: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sVxudgot
  7. JanK

    Prot Pala, grinding spots

    A weapon tip early on: Knightly Longsword, 1.50 speed(!), available at lvl33, World Drop, check the AH for "of the bear" http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=864 You will use this later on for fast mana reg with Seal of Wisdom (and Fiery Weapon of course). I currently use this sword with my lvl35 prot paladin for questing, grinding, dungeon tanking. I like this spec (11/xxx/0) far more than pure ret.
  8. JanK

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    Some short answers: Immolate until you'll get Siphon Life and/or +ShadowDamage Gear (Shadowweave Set) Never cast hard a Shadow Bolt, if you dotted the mob before. In dungeons with short living trash mobs, only casting Shadow Bolts is valid. Use your instant Shadow Bolts (Nightfall) if you have enough mana. A good wand does more damage as Shadow Bolts until ~lvl30. With void out: Beware of too much Drain Life/Siphon Life, cause both spells generates a lot of aggro and the void aggro is simply shit after ~lvl35 (or so). At 40 respec to Darc Pact (see my posts before) and use CoA, Corruption, Siphon Life. Then Drain Life or Fear and dot another mob.
  9. JanK

    Definitive Warlock Guide

    I can confirm this. At lvl40, spec into Darc Pact, then work towards Shadow Burn. Personally i choosed "Cataclysm" instead of "Improved Shadow Bolt". Shadow Burn helps a lot while grinding. See also my post: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IE0bARboVocxZxx0z I tried several leveling builds. Soul Link, Demonic Sacrifice, the "standard build", etc., but none of them is so fast, efficient and fun as "Darc Pact" & "Shadow Burn".
  10. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    *push* Edited my original post.
  11. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    So, i've tried this lvl45 build http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IV0bZ0xAzxxoL The void has all the buffs except for soul link. Corruption + CoA + Drain Life and i have the aggro when the lvl40(!) mob has 50% HP. WTF? This is simply not usable. I went back to Drain Life/Drain Pact and will definitely try 30/21/0 with void sac at 60. Conclusion: Warlocks Pets have two tasks in vanilla PvE: Getting sacced or used as a mana battery.
  12. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    I'm currently lvl44, Drain Tanking/Darc Pact with imp works good with two normal or three lowlevel mobs. I think i wil test a "lazy" soul link build at lvl50 with maximal buffs for the void and play like a hunter (send void, dot, wand, afk) http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IA0bZ0xAzxxot
  13. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    Did try this. Worked until i got some +dmg gear in the end 30s. Only chance that the void holds the aggro is Corruption, CoA, wand. A simple drain life and the void lost the aggro. Transfer health has (afaik) 1.5 threat factor (damage & healing).
  14. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    Hi Jazzwah. You're right, these a pure grinding/questing/leveling builds. Does your build really works? Can the void hold the aggro?
  15. JanK

    Which Drain Pact Build after Lvl40?

    Thank you very much for the detailed answer. i will change my build into this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IyMiAoboVofxV Grim Reach > Improved Drain Soul 1 point Supression > Amplify Course (just to have a cooldown and 4/5 supression is more than enough for leveling)